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Badder Beats 22: Masters, Maesters, Lord Stanley's Cup

Badder Beats 22: Masters, Maesters, Lord Stanley's Cup

Arguably the most ambitious Badder Beats of all time rises to meet arguably the most compelling sports betting week of all time as the NHL playoffs, The Masters and the Season 8 Game of Thrones premiere spill forth like Tyroshi pear brandy from the Stanley Cup on the 19th hole.

Give us $50 on Columbus in Game 1, Matt Wallace in the Masters par-3 tournament and Gendry on the Iron Throne at -10000.

Time Stamps

4:10 - Google's Chris Harrison on whether the tech giant is interested in becoming a betting purveyor.

4:30 - Hey Google, what about in the future, though?

5:30 - Adrian Dater on the Stanley Cup playoffs.

15:30 - Adrian doesn't like the Bruins' path to the Cup.

23:13 - Are the Golden Knights going back to the Cup final?

28:58 - Adrian: "I think the Penguins are in trouble."

35:50 - Paul Charchian of the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association on whether daily fantasy is gambling and a sleeper for your baseball team.

42:20 - David Caraviello on The Masters' ability to make people love it.

45:00 - Is betting on Tiger Woods an emotional and financial folly?

49:29 - Masters prop bets.

53:50 - Breaking down the serious Masters contenders.

57:01 - Top Spaniard prop bet?

58:05 - Pimento cheese is disgusting.

61:30 - Game of Thrones analysis.

75:00 - #OddBet

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