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Badder Beats 25: Kentucky Derby, Jersey Law

Badder Beats 25: Kentucky Derby, Jersey Law

Three-year-olds are challenging. And we’re not just talking toddlers.

Colts in the Kentucky Derby can be bedeviling also, especially when they were the morning-line favorites to win installment 145 and especially when they represented the storyline of the first Saturday in May … and then were scratched.

But here’s hoping that Omaha Beach recovers quickly and completely, runs a few more races safely and then settles in for a fruitful career of making more Omaha Beachs.

Yes, the original Derby favorite was ruled out on Wednesday when a case of entrapped epiglottis was discovered. And yes, this installment of Badder Beats was recorded the day before. So consider this a time capsule of what could have been, but what will never be.

Kids these days.

The quality within: interviews with New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement director David Rebuck, Racehour podcast host Dean Ryan on the Derby, and Omaha Beach owner Rick Porter on patriotic horse names and what they mean to him.

Badder Beats Episode 25 Time Stamps:

15:25 – New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement director David Rebuck on whether he knows the impact of his efforts against the offshore market.

24:02 – Co-host Ryan likes horse names.

25:00 – Ryan says post position is going to be really important.

25:43 – Part three of the Butler thoroughbred betting triad: trainer/jockey. Is that a square now?

26:02 – Whatifthehorsenameissmooshedtogether?

29:15 – On five-time Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Bob Baffert.

30:51 – Co-host Brant James offers his Derby analysis.

31:15 – On Omaha Beach, pre-entrapped epiglottis. (It was such a good story).

32:07 – Does Roadster get jealous?

32:03 – Most interesting owner; Gary Barber (War of Will)

33:36 - Brant, in a moment of prescience: “You never know.

34:10 – There is no dome over Churchill Downs.

34:40 – Dean Ryan of the Racehour podcast presented by Gambling.com.

35:02 – How popular is American thoroughbred horse racing Europe?

36:12 – Is turf racing king in Europe?

36:50 – Bye-bye, Bye Bye Hong Kong.

38:00 – Who is going to win the Kentucky Derby?

42:16 – Omaha Derby owner Rick Porter.

44:45 – On World War II names for Fox Hill Farm race horses.

48:15 – In another moment of prescience, Ryan wants Omaha Beach to be sad.

49:02 - #OddBet

50:01 – Brant picks Master Fencer to finish last.

50:38 – Ryan picks the Baffert colts in order.

52:00 – A quick walking tour of the trade show floor at the Betting on Sports America conference.

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