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Badder Beats 26: Johnny Avello, Stanley Cup Conference Finals

Badder Beats 26: Johnny Avello, Stanley Cup Conference Finals

In an episode that is sure to please fans of every team still skating in the National Hockey League playoffs, hosts Brant James and Ryan Butler break down all four Western Conference finals with the help of massive amounts of physics and terawatts of electricity.

In the big chat, fabled oddsmaker Johnny Avello stops by to talk about his past on the Las Vegas strip, his present as director of operations at DraftKings and the future of his profession and legal sports betting in the United States.

In a literal avalanche of legislative activity, Montana becomes the first state to legalize sports betting in 2019 and Indiana takes the checkered flag on its attempt. Oh, Tennessee.Tennessee?

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1:55 – Montana becomes the first state to legalize sports betting in 2019.

2:52 – Does Governor Bullock ride on buffalo?

3:20 – Indiana sports betting update.

4:01 – You will be able to bet on the Indianapolis 500 while the sun burns your skin off in 2020.

4:50 – Tennessee close to joining the legal sports betting fraternity.

6:30 – Brant lays out his dream of a Route 66 of Sports Betting and proposes a bridge from West Virginia to Tennessee. Would that be expensive?

8:14 – Introducing PASPA Week.

9:24 – Reviewing the 145th Kentucky Derby.

10:30 - “Cut and dried, he did it.”

12:50 – Grindstone namedrop.

14:00 – The Johnny Avello interview.

15:19 – Why did Johnny Avello leave the Wynn after 13 years to become director of operations at DraftKings?

17:09 – Johnny Avello started out as a “casino guy.”

18:32 – On the “so-called mob era” in Las Vegas.

19:34 – When Johnny Avello realized he was good at sports betting and oddsmaking.

20:59 – What does Johnny Avello do in a day?

22:08 – Where is the next generation of Johnny Avellos going to come from?

23:19 – Johnny Avello: “Things change and you better change with ‘em.”

24:40 – Ryan Butler gives away secrets.

25:50 – Ryan Butler declares the Clam Slam over.

28:02 – National Hockey League Eastern Conference final preview: Carolina Hurricanes (That Bunch of Jerks) vs. Boston.

33:30 – Don Cherry reference.

33:30 – Boston is going to the Stanley Cup.

34:45 – Nonsense.

35:48 – Western Conference finals preview: Dallas vs. San Jose.

39:39 – Western Conference finals preview: St. Louis vs. San Jose.

43:00 – Western Conference finals preview: Colorado vs. Dallas.

46:45 – Western Conference finals preview: St. Louis vs. Colorado.

51:20 - #OddBet

55:41 – Brant advances to the final of his English Premier League fantasy league.

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