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Badder Beats 28: Matthew Berry, Alexander Rossi on Indy 500

Badder Beats 28: Matthew Berry, Alexander Rossi on Indy 500

Proving that draft day sometimes comes before Memorial Day (like Carb Day always does), Badder Beats unleashes a deep, deep roster.

It’s a P1 (as in podcast and pole position).

New York Times best-selling author Matthew Berry, host of The Fantasy Show on ESPN+, comes aboard for musings on the new synergy between the fantasy and sports betting spheres, and his gig host the first-annual American Gambling Awards on June 18 at Monmouth Park.

How did Berry make the transition from Hollywood screenwriter to the face of DFS? Within.

Does Berry have a player he absolutely won’t select out of some personal reason? Within.

How did he land his cameo on “Avengers: End Game?” Within.

It’s worth your time.

And just days from the 103rd Indianapolis 500, 2016 winner Alexander Rossi chimes in on knowing who’s going to be a challenger in the greatest North American auto race and his opinions on how the bookmakers rate him. He also has thoughts on non-IndyCar regulars – like Fernando Alonso – soaking up all that Midwestern buzz.

In #OddBet, Brant James rakes Ryan Butler over the bricks and Butler reciprocates with a Champions League flutter.


1:50 – Warriors in 3 wasn’t such a bad pick after all.

3:38 – Introducing Matthew Berry.

3:54 – The Matthew Berry origin story.

7:30 – How Berry went from writing for free to becoming the Mel Kiper of fantasy football of ESPN.

9:35 – The synergy and difference between daily fantasy sports and sports betting.

13:53 – “We’re a people that likes to root for stuff.”

14:06 – How will the spread of legal sports betting affect the life or life span of fantasy sports?

16:35 – The appeals of fantasy sports and sports betting are different, says Berry.

19:35 – Do season-long fantasy, DFS and sports betting skills complement each other?

23:50 – Is there a player that Berry simply will not draft for whatever reason?

25:30 – What is Berry’s favorite fantasy league?

27:00 – Is there an Avengers fantasy league?

28:05 – Matthew Berry on his cameo in “Avengers: Endgame.”

30:49 – What if Matthew Berry was nominated for an Oscar?

32:19 – Berry on technology and the future of sports betting and fantasy.

34:35 – On Berry’s hosting style at the American Gambling Awards.

36:20 – Introducing Alexander Rossi of Andretti Autosport, the 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner.

39:40 – How much of an Indy-cator is the Indianapolis Grand Prix for the rest of May?

40:45 – On motoring around after being taken out of contention early.

42:40 – When does a driver know if he will be competitive in the Indy 500?

43:30 – And when can you realistically size up the competition in the Indy 500?

44:25 – Alexander Rossi on appreciating an Indy 500 victory, especially while still racing.

45:35 – Do full-time IndyCar drivers get annoyed when out-of-series drivers suck up their Indy 500 oxygen?

47:50 – Alexander Rossi on sports betting in general and on IndyCar in particular.

49:50 – Alexander Rossi assesses his odds on winning the 103rd Indianapolis 500.

52:03 – #OddBet

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