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NFL Week 1 with SI’s Andrew Brandt, College Football Week 2

NFL Week 1 with SI’s Andrew Brandt, College Football Week 2

What’s better than football? More football! And Brant James and Ryan Butler are getting a heaping helping of it.

Our intrepid cohosts interview Sports Illustrated Writer/Villanova Professor/Former Green Bay Packers Vice President Andrew Brandt about the state of the NFL (and gambling) heading into the season opener, then give their "hot" picks on the Week 1 games. Later Ryan goes down a list of college football bets, all of which you should fade (and fade heavy).

All that, plus #OddBet and a much-needed debate over the best ice cream flavors because, you know, sports gambling.

Badder Beats Episode 43

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The co-hosts recap a (surprisingly) successful list of Week 1 college football picks (including a big rebuttal to Ryan’s “Florida Theory”).

Interview with Andrew Brandt

Brant introduces the multi-talented Andrew Brandt, whose list of accomplishments in and outside the NFL is long enough to fit a separate podcast all its own.
As we start the 2019 NFL season it’s not too late to look to upcoming seasons, where upon we’re facing multiple big challenges over the looming end to the collective bargaining agreement.
How do early retirements (especially in the wake of Andrew Luck) affect not just the NFL but the gambling ramifications going forward.
Starting with fantasy, Andrew explains how “soft” gambling helped fuel the league’s growth and (slowly) pushes the league toward “hard” gambling.
How do players feel about the undetermined billions dollars set to enter the league?

NFL Week 1 Betting Preview

We begin our “analysis” by talking the opener to the 2019 season: Packers at Bears.
Brant talks up Bills – Jets. Just kidding. Nobody wants to hear that. Instead, our hosts go over another “saddest game ever” between the Colts and Chargers.
Ryan slurps the Cleveland Browns neon orange Kool-Aid and explains why he likes them to win big over the Titans.
Kansas City is only favored by 3.5 over Jacksonville. That’s a mistake right? Right??
Ryan makes a homer pick, taking the Buccaneers over the 49ers. A riveting conversation about Northern California weather patterns ensues.
Slow-starting New England is giving 5.5 to Pittsburgh. Both Brant and Ryan agree there’s no way the Patriots cover, which (of course) means they’ll blow the Steelers out.
Ryan gives you a host of college football picks you need to fade.


Brant goes against his beloved alma mater, taking Missouri -14 against West Virginia.
Who does Ryan have for Super Bowl LIV?

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