Betting Odds Calculator

Betting odds come in several shapes and forms. European odds and American odds are different and can be confusing to keep straight. Our betting odds calculators convert fractions, decimal and parlay payout odds. Make sure you know exactly how much you’re risking and how much you could win before placing a bet at your favorite online betting sites. The odds converter below will do all that and more with one easy click.

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How to Use Our Odds Calculator

Our free odds calculator can be helpful in several different situations, whether you’re looking to convert odds or figure out the potential winnings or payout. To get started, just enter the amount of money you’d like to wager in bet amount.

Next, you need to know which kind of odds you want to establish for a baseline. Let’s say you want to bet on Tiger Woods to win the Masters and see his odds listed at 12/1. These fractional odds are standard in many parts of Europe and elsewhere, but some bettors might be more comfortable using traditional American odds. If you change the preferred format to fractional in the odds calculator, it will show the 12/1 odds converted to +1200 American. It will also show the same odds in decimal and percentage chances of winning (implied odds).

Now let’s say you’re thinking about wagering $75 on Woods to win the Masters and want to see what a winning bet would return. Put “$75” in the bet amount field, switch the preferred format to American and type +1200 into the American Odds field. Immediately you’ll see that the $75 bet on Woods to win the Masters would earn $900 for a total return of $975, including the original wager.

Decimal odds are also far more common in Europe and other parts of the world. They can be confusing for U.S. sports bettors who aren’t used to the format. Again, our free odds calculator can easily convert decimal odds to American, fractions or percentage format.

At certain online bookmakers, one might find the Los Angeles Lakers with moneyline decimal odds of 1.69 against the Philadelphia 76ers. What does that mean? Essentially, decimals show the potential payout for every dollar wagered. The Lakers at 1.69 means bettors must risk $1.69 to earn $1 in profit. But sports bettors are usually working with bigger numbers that aren’t easy to add up in your head.

Simply change the preferred format to decimal, enter 1.69 in the odds field and you’ll instantly see the familiar American odds automatically calculated to -145. If you want to see what a $75 wager would win on the Lakers, enter $75 into the bet amount field and you’ll see a $75 bet on Lakers moneyline at -145 would earn a $51.75 profit.

Why Use an Odds Converter?

It’s an incredibly useful tool, one all serious gamblers have used at some point if not frequently. Being a successful sports bettor isn’t about picking one team you think is better than another team. The odds are the most important thing, whether it’s the point spread or moneyline. A good gambler is looking for value in numbers more so than value in teams or players. Our odds calculator provides those hard numbers instantly, calculated automatically, in all different formats, so that bettors know all the exact numbers before making an informed decision on which outcome to back at their favorite sportsbook.

Odds converters are also helpful for bettors who don’t necessarily count every dollar in their bankroll. It immediately lays out the inherent risk/reward in any bet. For example, the New York Yankees could be- 250 on the moneyline for a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Maybe you want to bet on the Yankees at that price to earn a profit of $60. The calculator shows the bettor must risk $150 to win $60, leaving them to decide if that’s good value or not without having to calculate it on their own.

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Reading Betting Odds

The betting calculator can help with all sorts of wagers. It’s not limited to point spreads and can be used in the same way for prop bets and totals.

Point spread is the most common form of betting in the U.S. and is generally listed as such:

New England Patriots -7.5 -110

Miami Dolphins +7.5 -110

A bet on the Patriots means they need to beat the Dolphins by eight points or more in order to win the bet. A bet on the Dolphins means they can’t lose by more than seven points. The number to the right of the point spread is the amount you’ll need to wager in order to win $100. Enter the amount you want to bet, put “-110” into the odds section and you’ll see the potential payout on a point spread bet.

Totals are much the same. Over/under is a popular way to bet, wagering on the total combined score as opposed to either team. It’ll look like this at an online sportsbook featuring NBA over/under betting:

Houston Rockets U 233.5 -110

Golden State Warriors O 233.5 -110

The Rockets are listed first as the away team, and bettors decide if the total combined score will be more or less than 233.5. Repeat the same steps from point spread betting in order to calculate the risk/reward from potential wagers on the over or under.

As for prop bets, they often have different odds than the standard -110 for point spread betting. An NBA player prop bet looks something like this:

Points Scored By Trae Young

Over 29.5 +115

Under 29.5 -141

It’s harder to do the math in one’s head for something like -141, so again the odds calculator instantly shows potential payouts and helps bettors make smart moves.

Using Bookies Odds Calculator To Make Betting Decisions

With point spread comparisons, public betting consensus, the very latest odds in all sports and the odds calculator, is your one-stop shop for making the most informed sports bets. The calculator can be used for any number of reasons but it doesn’t make decisions on its own or ultimateky impact your chances of winning or the outcome of a game. It’s an unbiased tool that bettors can use for their own purposes, whether that’s calculating risk, using it as an odds converter or helping to better manage a bankroll.

Novice sports bettors can lean heavily on the calculator as they learn more about point spreads and different types of odds. Even the most experienced players still have use for it, especially as an odds convertor to avoid tricky math.

No matter your knowledge or experience level, the betting calculator can help everyone make smarter decisions with their bets and amount wagered.