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Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing betting is a popular option for those looking online for the best legal betting sites. Boxing is a global sport with competitors hailing from all over the world, so interest and attention from bettors in just about every corner of the planet follows.

Bookies at the best boxing sites take bets on straightforward outcomes such as who will win the fight outright and how as well as more complicated options, such as the total number of rounds or punches landed.

Online Boxing Betting Explained

Bookies offer betting options for boxing matches using American odds or the moneyline. Moneyline betting for fights is usually three numbers which indicate how much return one can expect on a winning bet.

The negative number indicates which boxer is favored to win the fight and is the dollar amount one must bet in order to win $100 in profit. The positive number is who the bookmaker considers the underdog in the bout and is the dollar amount one wins in profit when placing a $100 wager.

The number placed next to the option for a draw indicates the odds for the bout ending that way. Take the following example:

  • Floyd Mayweather, -450
  • Conor McGregor, +300
  • Draw +1600

In order to win $100 in profit on a bet for Mayweather to win the fight, a wager of $450 must be placed on Mayweather. In order to win $300 in profit on a bet for McGregor, a wager of $100 must be placed on McGregor. Finally, a $100 bet on the fight ending in draw would return $1600 should the bout end that way.

What are the Best Boxing Betting Sites?

Finding the best online sites to bet on boxing is about comparing odds across different bookmakers to select the highest returns for winning bets. Odds can vary greatly on upcoming events, so finding the best online boxing betting is similar to any other type of online shopping.

Moreover, some bookmakers offer a multitude of betting options on upcoming fights which includes a wide range of subjects such as whether the fight will go the distance, how the fight will be won and the total number of rounds fought.

Odds for these types of wagers can offer higher returns in profit because they are more selective bets that go far beyond simply picking which fighter will win the bout.

Top Online Boxing Markets

  • Bout Betting (Outright win market) | Bout betting, sometimes called the outright win market, is the most straightforward bet in all of boxing. In this type of wagering, one selects the fighter who will win the bout or if the fight will end in a draw.
  • Method of Victory | The method of victory market is similar to bout betting except that one picks both the fighter who will win the fight and also the method of victory. Methods can be grouped together (Mayweather by KO, TKO, or DQ) or very specific (Mayweather by KO, Mayweather by TKO, Mayweather by DQ +800, etc.).
  • Rounds | Round bets are essentially an extension of the Method of Victory market. In the round market, one typically selects which fighter will end the fight in what specific round. This market allows bettors the chance to win huge returns even when betting on the favorite to win the fight so long as the bettor can pinpoint what round the fight will end. Bookmakers offer single round bets or sometimes will group them together.
  • O/U Total Rounds | B Over/under betting on the Total Rounds market is betting on whether the fight will go past a certain number of rounds. This type of betting is not tied to any fighter winning or losing the bout, but only the number of rounds that will happen before the fight ends.
  • Fight to go the Distance | This market is a simple yes or no question. Will the fight go the distance? Or saying it another way, will the fight go the full number of scheduled rounds? Bets on the fight to go the distance market are not tied to any particular fighter winning or losing the bout, only whether the bout goes the full number of scheduled rounds.
  • Prop Bets | Depending on the magnitude of the fight and the number of wagers placed on it, bookmakers sometimes create other prop-based betting options, too. Common prop bets include what minute a fight will end, the total number of punches landed and how long the national anthem will last before the bout begins.

  • Online Boxing Betting Tips

    Legal boxing betting through the best online boxing betting sites is a fun way to enjoy boxing events, but you need to employ some fo the best boxing betting strategies, so there are many important things to consider before betting on a fight.

    Boxing is a global sport with a wide array of participants who come into professional prizefights with different backgrounds and overall skill sets.

    The most important things to think about when betting are the accomplishments of the participants, the styles the fighters use in the ring and their overall talent levels and abilities.


    Never bet on a fighter without seeing his record of wins and losses first. Pay attention to what kinds of fights he or she has been in and whether it’s good opposition. Boxing promoters work with sanction organizations to pilfer many into believing a fighter is a world champion, but simply because one walks into the ring with a belt means little unless that belt is the top honor bestowed by one of the four major sanctioning bodies (IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO).

    Better yet, a fighter considered the division champion by either The Ring or the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board is usually even more accomplished and revered.


    The old axiom is that styles make fights. Different boxers use different methods of fighting in the ring. Some box carefully from a distance while others rush into the fray and throw power punches from the first bell.

    If two fighters from the former are set to meet, it might not be a bad idea to bet yes on the Fight to Go the Distance market. But two hard-hitting marauders with high knockout percentages would not deserve the same backing.

    Talent and Abilities

    The best way to understand a fighter’s talent and ability is by watching him or her fight. Thanks to YouTube and other online video services, it’s easier than ever to get a sense of how good a fighter is before placing a bet. Pay attention to how smooth their footwork is, how good of balance they have when they throw punches and whether they seem to get hit flush by opponents early in the fight.

    Once you feel comfortable, jump right in and wager on a few fights, and check out some expert boxing betting tips as well.