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OwnersBox Weekly Fantasy Review And Promo Code

OwnersBox is a new player in the world of fantasy sports offering an alternative approach to fantasy sports in that it is neither a season-long league nor a daily fantasy sports product. Instead, OwnersBox is a bit of a hybrid between both systems as it offers a weekly fantasy sports format instead. Read our OwnersBox review to learn more about how the games at OwnersBox work, sign-up bonuses and more.

How We Rank and Review Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

User Experience: We want to find an app that is easy to use, fun to use and that you can make money betting on sports with. We want an app that has variety, that has a good banking system in place and one that gives us the very best bonus as we look to get in the game.

Contests/Sports Offered: The app should offer a number of different contests in a variety of sports. The more markets, the better. We are also looking for daily fantasy sports apps that offer big paydays for sports bettors.

Ease of Banking: Daily fantasy bettors want to find an app that is easy and safe to make their initial deposit with, but also easy to withdraw the funds afterward. The more options for banking, the better. The speed of the banking, both with incoming deposits and outgoing withdrawals, is also very important, too.

Customer Service: Customer service has never been more important in the sports gaming industry, so it is vital that the app offers the sports bettors top-of-the-line customer service at all times.

Bonuses and Promotions: The daily fantasy site and app should have great bonuses and promotions that encourage new users to sign up with it. As well, we will tell you what promo code you should use to claim the best offers.

Mobile App: We make sure the mobile app is up to snuff. We want something that looks good, that is easy to use, that is fast, glitch-free and that is available for several operating systems. OwnersBox fantasy contests are easy to use via mobile app.

OwnersBox Promo Code

New users of the OwnersBox mobile app will be eligible to receive an OwnersBox welcome bonus of 100% Deposit Match Up To $500. To claim the bonus, all you have to do is sign up to OwnersBox, verify your account and make your deposit.

This welcome bonus offer from OwnersBox makes it a very appealing option to daily fantasy sports bettors who want to try out weekly fantasy contests. The bonus funds come with a 5x playthrough requirement, which you must clear in real-money DFS contests before cashing out the winnings.

It's also worth noting that you don't need an OwnersBox promo code in order to claim this free bonus. Just sign up through our link, make your deposit and collect your welcome bonus.

History and Future of OwnersBox

OwnersBox is a Canadian-based weekly fantasy sports company that started its operations in 2020. The company's goal is to provide an alternative to the daily fantasy sports and the season-long leagues that currently exist. The company brought in former NFL QB Drew Brees to be one of its investors, and his image is featured prominently all over the OwnersBox app. How OwnersBox works is you pick players in fantasy sports but play them out over the course of a week instead. It is unique and makes OwnersBox fantasy sports an operator to keep an eye on going forward in the world of fantasy.

It will be interesting in the future to see what OwnersBox does to continue to upgrade and improve its product going forward. Since it is still in its infancy, we expect the company to continue to evolve. For now, OwnersBox likely will continue to market itself as different due to its weekly fantasy contests. However, there is always the chance that OwnersBox could also add in daily or even season-long leagues down the road. We also expect OwnersBox to add new sports to its offerings down the road, as well as different types of contests, and potentially even larger contests with bigger paydays.

OwnersBox differentiates itself with its weekly games, but that is something that other fantasy sports providers such as FanDuel and DraftKings could potentially copy in the future. The only true way for OwnersBox to strengthen its grip on weekly fantasy sports is to keep improving its website and betting app, offer bigger contests, more promo codes and welcome bonuses, and work on its name recognition to expand its reach.

OwnersBox Contests Offered

OwnersBox fantasy sports offers two main types of contests. The first is the Head-2-Head. In these games, you will be up against other fantasy players in a week-long contest. You will pick your lineup and go head-to-head against another player over the course of the week. In addition to the week-long contests, there are also two-week, three-week and four-week contests. The Head-2-Head players pick their team through a snake draft and battle from seven days up to one month. The scores are then tabulated using traditional DFS methods of determining point totals for athletes.

In addition to the Head 2 Heads games, OwnersBox also offers tournaments. In these weekly fantasy sports Weekly Fantasy Sports games, the player pool is much larger. You can also make multiple entries into these games, and there is no restriction on overlapping the athletes between different users. In Head 2 Heads, you are picking your team with a snake draft, but in OwnersBox, you are picking your team using a traditional salary cap method that other fantasy sports sites like to use. These tournaments last one week on the OwnersBox website, after which a winner will be crowned.

The tournaments range from $1 up to $1000, so there is something for everyone here. Since these tournaments have more players in them, the grand prizes are bigger than in Head 2 Heads.

OwnersBox Sports Offered

Currently, OwnersBox offers the following sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Since OwnersBox is a weekly fantasy sports product and not a daily fantasy sports product, potential new sports offered by the app must be sports that go on for a week. That means that sports such as UFC and boxing are out because they take place over a single day.

However, one option could be a weekly tennis game, since tennis tournaments are usually spread out over a week (two weeks for majors). Another option could be soccer, whether that's MLS, Premier League or other European leagues. The weekly fantasy format certainly works better for certain sports than for others, which shows a potential limitation of the format.

OwnersBox User Experience and Interface

OwnersBox is available both as a desktop website and as a mobile app. The desktop site is robust and shows all the OwnersBox fantasy contests that are currently available. The website is clean and also offers up more information than just the Ownersbox fantasy sports games.

Additionally, there are news articles and blogs giving out advice on the site. In addition to the website, the OwnersBox mobile app is available to users with both iOS and Android. Both the desktop website and the mobile app are easy to use and left us with an overall positive impression during our OwnersBox review.

We also checked out the banking process during our OwnersBox mobile app review. For deposits, OwnersBox offers the ability to use either a credit card for those in the United States or Canada, as well as ACH transfers for those in the United States. Deposits are instant, and the minimum is $10 by either a credit card or through ACH. The maximum deposit is $1000.

Once you are ready to withdraw your winnings, you can access them through either ACH transfer or a paper check. You can also withdraw your initial deposit to OwnersBox back to your credit card if it was your original method to deposit, but not otherwise. It would be nice if OwnersBox had other deposit methods such as PayPal, and perhaps these options will be added in the future.

How OwnersBox Weekly Fantasy Compares to Other DFS sites

At this point, OwnersBox is the only major fantasy sports app that is offering exclusively weekly fantasy betting contests. However, it is still fantasy sports at its heart, and it is still most comparable to the other DFS monsters, DraftKings and FanDuel.

Although those apps offer contests that take place over the course of a day in comparison to OwnersBox, they are similar as far as how the games are played and how the athletes are given their point totals. Basically, you need to figure out if you prefer daily, weekly or season-long fantasy sports contests. The only way to find out what you prefer is to try them all out and play them, so take advantage of the OwnersBox offer for new users and sign up today to collect your free bonus and your deposit match bonus.

What States Can Play on OwnersBox?

Is OwnersBox legal where you live? The OwnersBox app is currently available for use in the following U.S. states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Those in the following states cannot use the OwnersBox app: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Our Final Thoughts on OwnersBox

OwnersBox is new and different, and it's a fantasy sports app that you should consider playing. Credit to OwnersBox for trying to do something new in an industry that is constantly evolving. We like that it offers a weekly fantasy format in comparison to season-long fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports, though this format ultimately might not appeal to everyone.

Just the fact that it is different, though, means it’s worth trying - heck, you might even prefer it to the other options out there. The OwnersBox promo code and OwnersBox bonus encourage new users to sign up. Overall, we were satisfied with our experience with the app. OwnersBox has lots of potential in the fantasy sports space. Give it a try today!

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