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Intermediate Guide to Proposition Bets

Intermediate Guide to Proposition Bets
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Intermediate Guide to Proposition Bets

Think you know how many yards a quarterback will pass for in a given week? Or the number of points a basketball player will score? Consider making a prop bet at your favorite sportsbook.

Prop bets are the most fun way to wager on the sports you love, and there are a variety of bets available each week to fit your needs! Prop bets are a great way for inexperienced and professional bettors to get in on the action if the thought of point spread betting is intimidating.

What is a Prop Bet?

A proposition bet, commonly known as a prop bet, are bets that are not related to the outcome of a game or match. In a prop bet, a bettor is wagering on a specific player or event that usually is not tied to a particular team or game.

One of the most popular prop bets is wagering on “Who will win the Super Bowl MVP?” That bet is placed before the game begins. Another more common example of a prop bet in any given contest is guessing: “Who will be the first player to score a touchdown?” Prop Bets can vary in difficulty, and the bets available per game can depend entirely on the sportsbook. Prop bets are available in NBA betting and NHL betting as well as just about any sport out there.

What Are The Different Type of Prop Bets?

Fun Prop Bets

Not every prop bet has to be one involving the game. For big events such as the Super Bowl, players can wager on nearly everything, such as what color outfit with the halftime performer wear, the Gatorade consumed during the game or even the number of times a celebrity is mentioned during a broadcast. Consider wagering on “fun” prop bets to help increase the enjoyment of a game on which you would otherwise not place a bet.

Skill Prop Bets

A skill-based Prop Bet is one where a bettor will wager on the outcome of a player or a team in a specific game. For example, someone betting on the NFL can wager on whether or not a player will score a touchdown in an upcoming game. If you know how well an opposing defense is playing, or how a certain matchup might impact this outcome, you could consider placing a prop bet on this event happening.

How are Fun and Skill Prop Bets Different?

Fun prop bets are usually only available in big games, such as the Super Bowl. But skill-based prop bets, such as the number of passing yards by a given quarterback in a game, are available throughout the season.

Benefits of Prop Bets

There are several benefits to placing prop bets as these can entice players to watch games they might not have seen in the past. Placing a prop bet is a great way to make a casual watching of a game much more enjoyable.

And with the number of different prop bets available to players, anyone from a novice to professional bettor can find a prop bet that suits their style of betting.

Prop bets are also an excellent way for novice bettors to begin wagering on sporting events. Most bets are reasonably straight forward, and it often doesn't take an expert to win. If you are new to sports betting, consider starting with prop bets before wagering on point spreads and point totals.

Risks of Prop Bets

The downside to prop bets is that often these are bets that are highly based off of chance. Most of the time, both sides of the bet will payout the same amount (-110), meaning that both outcomes are equally as likely to occur.

Another downside to Prop Bets is that the limit on how much can be wagered is often lower than a traditional bet due to the randomness of such bets. Simply put, it’s harder to win big when placing prop bets due to sportsbooks limiting the amount of action that can be placed.

Prop Betting Strategies and Tips

There are several strategies you should consider when placing a prop bet, but the biggest is staying away from impossible bets to profit from. A perfect example of this is the opening coin toss of a game, which is always a 50-50 proposition. Sportsbooks will charge -110 to make a bet, so you are already losing money. Avoid these kinds of bets as the payout is never good enough for the risk.

The best way to make a profit long-term on prop betting is to take a look at the in-game props. If you are watching a game and have a good grasp of what is happening on the field or court, you might be able to find an edge or an advantage over a sportsbook. Keep an eye on favorable lines and prop bets and pounce when value can be had.

It's also essential to have a plan of attack before betting on skill-based prop bets. Think about how you anticipate a game-planning out and then search for prop bets that fit the game script that you believe will happen. This will help you have a clearer picture about what type of bets you should consider.

Prop Bets FAQ

How are Props Bets Paid?

Prop bets are paid in the same way any other traditional bet is paid. Usually, each side of a prop bet will have an equal payout (-110 is the most common) to encourage action on both sides of the bet.

However, make sure you are familiar with the rules and payout structure from your favorite sportsbook before placing a prop bet.

Are Prop Bets a Smart Bet?

Sure. If done correctly, players can make a lot of money by betting prop bets as they are easier to find an edge in comparison to point totals and game spreads. But be careful, prop bets can be tricky for newer players. Make sure you do your research before placing a prop bet. If nothing else, prop bets are another way for you to diversify your bets to make the games even more exciting.

How Do I Make a Prop Bet?

You can place a wager on a prop bet just as you would any other bet on your favorite sportsbook.

Where Can I Make a Prop Bet?

You can make your first Prop Bet at nearly any sportsbook. But before placing your bet, make sure you check multiple books in order to find the best value for a prop bet as they can vary from site to site.

Where Did Prop Bets Start?

Prop bets became popular in the United States do the gambling rush of the Super Bowl. The Las Vegas SuperBook was the first sportsbook in the United States to offer a large number of prop bets, such as the first touchdown scored. Prop bets continue to grow in popularity as nearly every legal online sportsbook has them available for weekly NFL contests.

What Can I Prop Bet On?

One of the best parts about Prop Bets is that there is no limit to what they can entail. Bettors can wager on anything from the opening coin toss, to the first play of the game, to the final player to score. Make sure to check your favorite sportsbook weekly to see what prop bets are available.

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