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WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet MJ vs Durant, Bird vs Steph & More

Mark Strotman for Bookies.com

Mark Strotman  | 9 mins

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet MJ vs Durant, Bird vs Steph & More

In honor of the NBA’s 75th season, WynnBET Sportsbook has released NBA player prop bets between legends and some of their most historic seasons vs. star players this season.

We see a lot of great props from sportsbooks and betting apps, but this one really caught our eye. We’ve scrolled through all the options on our betting app and crunched the numbers to offer you our NBA betting tips for all 18.

Here’s a list of the 18 prop bets listed and which side we’re taking. You can also check out WynnBET promo codes for more offers.

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props

Michael Jordan’s Career PPG (30.1) vs. Kevin Durant’s PPG in 2021-22

Jordan, -300 Durant, +250

The pick: Kevin Durant has averaged 30.1 or more points in two seasons (30.1, 2010; 32.0, 2014). Even if Kyrie Irving sits out the whole year, it’s tough to see a teammate of James Harden surpassing the 30-point mark. Twenty-eight points per game feels more likely, which is well shy of what he’d need to win this bet. Take Jordan.

Will Russell Westbrook + LeBron James + Anthony Davis Score 100 Combined Points on Oct. 19 vs. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game in 1962?

No, -1500 Yes, +600

The pick: If you watched the Lakers in the preseason, you know that there will be some early growing pains getting Russell Westbrook acclimated to playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Against a Warriors defense that finished fifth in efficiency last season, this trio will fall well short of 100 points. Bet No.

Kobe Bryant’s Career PPG (25) vs. LeBron James’ PPG in 2021-22

Bryant, -115 James, -105

The pick: This is probably the most interesting prop on the board. Russell Westbrook is one of the game’s best distributors, and the myriad outside shooters the Lakers now have could push James more inside — where he’s best. James’ points per game have dropped all three seasons in Los Angeles, but we think he rebounds with a heavy scoring season this year and tops 25 per game. Bet on LeBron.

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet MJ vs Durant, Bird vs Steph & More 1

Larry Bird’s 3-Point Field Goals in One Game (7) vs. Stephen Curry To Record More in One Game in 2021-22

Bird, +175 Curry, -200

The pick: We’re not exactly sure why these in this sports betting odds aren’t longer in Curry’s favor. Yes, Klay Thompson will be back at some point to presumably take away some of Steph’s attempts — but Curry made eight or more triples in 13 games last season — out of 63 games. He has to do it just once in 2022? Bettors may win this one before Thanksgiving. Bet on Curry.

Shaquille O’Neal’s PPG + RPG in 99-00 (43.3) vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

O’Neal, -165 Antetokounmpo, +145

The pick: Giannis became the NBA’s best player after winning a title last season. But we’re getting against him here. Milwaukee is going to limit its best player in the regular season, and we expect to see similar numbers from last season (28.1 points, 11.0 rebounds). Those are gaudy numbers to be sure, but that would put him well short of Shaq’s ridiculous 2000 campaign. Back Shaq.

Hakeem Olajuwon’s PPG + RPG in 93-94 (39.2) vs. Joel Embiid’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

Olajuwon, +100 Embiid, -120

The pick: We expect Ben Simmons to play for the 76ers this season, meaning Embiid’s outlook is similar to what it was last year. And in 2020-21, Embiid averaged 28.5 points and 10.6 rebounds. At age 27, Embiid is still improving, and we like him to improve in both points and rebounds, meaning he hits this with ease. Bet on Embiid.

Magic Johnson’s PPG + APG in 86-87 (36.1) vs. James Harden’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

Johnson, +195 Harden, -230

The pick: We’re starting to believe that Kyrie Irving might miss some real time in Brooklyn, meaning it’s going to be Kevin Durant and Harden running the show for the Nets. Harden is going to average 10+ assists no matter who is on the floor, while an Irving-less offense means Harden should get to 26+ points. We like his odds here.

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet MJ vs Durant, Bird vs Steph & More 2

Dirk Nowitzki’s Career-High in Points (53) vs. Luka Doncic to Score a Higher Total in 2021-22

Nowitzki, +125 Doncic, -145

The pick: Luka Doncic’s current career-high in points is 46 in both the regular season and postseason. With Jason Kidd taking over for Rick Carlisle, we’re expecting even more usage for Doncic, which absolutely could get him over the hump for 54+ points. And if we’re being honest, this is a bet you want to root for. Take Doncic here.

Tim Duncan’s PPG + RPG in 01-02 (38.2) vs. Nikola Jokic’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

Duncan, -210 Jokic, +180

The pick: It feels like Jokic is capped at 11 rebounds per game (he’s averaged 10.7, 10.8 and 10.8 rebounds three of the last four years), meaning he’d need to average better than 27 points per game for this to hit. But that’s exactly what he did after Jamal Murray went out with a torn ACL in April of last season (27.9 points per game, playoffs included). The reigning MVP should be in line for big scoring numbers once again without Murray. We like his value here.

Bill Russell’s Career BPG (8.6) vs. Rudy Gobert’s Most Blocks in a Game in 2021-22 (Greater than Russell’s average)

Russell, -175 Gobert, +155

The pick: Rudy Gobert had a nine-block game in 2021, the first and only time he’s had that many in a single outing. That means we’re betting on Gobert accomplishing something he’s done just one time in 545 career games. Yes, he’s better than he was as a young player, but we like the value here on Gobert NOT having a nine-block game in 2021-22. Bill Russell gets the W here and has good value to “win” this one.

Charles Barkley’s Third-Year PPG + RPG (37.6) vs. Zion Williamson’s Third-Year PPG + RPG (2021-22)

Barkley, -145 Williamson, +125

The pick: Once he’s healthy, Williamson absolutely has the potential to average close to 30 points in just his second NBA season. It’s a best-case scenario, but it wouldn’t surprise us at all. That being said, a 30-point season would require 7.7 rebounds per game, and Williamson just isn’t there. We expect his rebounding numbers to be close to where they were last season (7.2), meaning we need best-case scenarios in points AND rebounds for this to hit. We’ll pass. Barkley is the play.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s PPG in 75-76 (27.7) vs. Anthony Davis’ PPG in 2021-22

Abdul-Jabbar, -145 Davis, +125

The pick: It’s tough to see Davis averaging 28 points for the first time since the 2018 season. There are simply too many shots to go around with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook around, and the reality is the Lakers don’t need Davis to go off in the regular season like the Pelicans did when he last averaged 28 per game. Kareem’s points per game is a pretty safe bet here.

WynnBET Legends vs Stars NBA Props: Bet MJ vs Durant, Bird vs Steph & More 3

Oscar Robertson’s Triple-Doubles in 1961-62 (41) vs. Russell Westbrook’s Triple-Doubles in 2021-22

Robertson, -400 Westbrook, +320

The pick: It’s obvious that Westbrook’s usage will be down playing with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. And while he’s still going to post gaudy volume numbers on horrific efficiency, it’s not going to top Oscar in ’62. We’re projecting Russ for 22-9-7. Take Robertson.

Isiah Thomas’ 25 Points in a Quarter in 1988 vs. Damian Lillard to Score More Than 25 in any quarter in 2021-22

Thomas, -1800 Lillard, +650

The pick: If it seems like Lillard is capable of this, he’s done it once before — in 2017. But as hot as Lillard can get at a moment’s notice, we don’t think he can repeat that ’17 performance. We understand if you want to take the value and root for Dame Time, but just know it’d be doing something he’s accomplished once in 2,728 career quarters. Take Thomas.

Allen Iverson’s Sophomore PPG + APG (28) vs. LaMelo Ball’s Sophomore PPG + APG (2021-22)

Iverson, -170 Ball, +150

The pick: LaMelo Ball was an outstanding rookie, and we absolutely think he can make an All-Star jump in his second year. It wouldn’t surprise us if he bumps his scoring up to 21 points per game and bumps up his assists to 7 or more per game. He’s that good. The fact that he gets plus odds here is the cherry on top. Take Ball.

Dwyane Wade’s PPG + APG in 08-09 (37.7) vs. Bradley Beal’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

Wade, -185 Beal, +165

The pick: Russell Westbrook is gone, and that’s good news for Beal, who averaged 6.1 assists the last time he played without Westbrook. That year, he also averaged 30.5 points, which would still keep him shy of Wade’s numbers from 2009. But if Beal stays in Washington, we wouldn’t put 32 points and 6 assists out of the question. We like Beal’s value here.

Kevin Garnett’s PPG + RPG in 03-04 (38.1) vs. Jayson Tatum’s PPG + RPG in 2021-22

Garnett, -300 Tatum, +250

The pick: We absolutely love Jayson Tatum. He’s a bona fide star and his next stop is an All-Pro team, perhaps as early as this upcoming season. But he’s most likely capped his rebounding numbers (7.4 in 2020-21), and we can’t see him improving his points per game all the way up to around 31 in order to hit this prop. Tatum’s great, but he’s not (yet) KG great. We’re betting on KG.

Jerry West’s PPG + APG in 69-70 (38.7) vs. Trae Young’s PPG + APG in 2021-22

West, -145 Young, +125

The pick: Respect to the logo, but we love Trae Young’s odds here. The Hawks point guard saw his points drop to 25.3 in Year 3, but we expect that to return to close to the 29.6 points we saw in Year 2. He’s always going to hover around 10 assists, so he has an excellent chance to get to 39 points and assists. We project him for 29.8 points and 9.1 assists — meaning Young hits here.

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