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National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles

Mark Strotman for Bookies.com

Mark Strotman  | 10 mins

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles

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May 31 is National Smile Day, and the fellas on this list have plenty to smile about. After all, there are only 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, so the fact that they’re even eligible for this list is pretty great in its own right (being a millionaire and being adored by fans and all).

And the following 10 players can add another bullet point to their Wikipedia entries: named to our list of the 10 quarterbacks with the best smile in the NFL. We have little doubt you’ll guess who’s first on our list, but some other names (both young and old) might surprise you.

National Smile Day: 10 Best NFL QB Smiles

Here’s how we did our rankings: We looked at three different features of a smile. First, the alignment. Next, the shade (brush after every meal, kids!). Finally, the jawline. It should go without saying, but this list is entirely subjective! 

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 1

There are no numbers we can crunch, and we can’t go all Mel Kiper Jr. and give you two minutes of analysis on every player’s smile.

However, to bring some legitimacy to the operations, we reached out to a dentist (this author’s good friend), and two ladies (this author’s wife and his editor's wife) - all of whom chimed in on a few - for their perspective to see how we did on our rankings. Their analysis is at the bottom of each player’s breakdown. 

Big thanks to Dr. Burns, Lisa Strotman and Stephanie Carchia for their insight as we put together this list that surely everyone will agree with and not get upset over.

Don’t forget to smile today!

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1. Jimmy Garoppolo (29 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 2

Was there any doubt? The most handsome man in football has had a rough go since leading the Niners to the Super Bowl in 2021. He lost his job to Trey Lance to begin the 2022 season and then broke his foot in the middle of that campaign—and lost his job again to Brock Purdy for good. 

He “settled” for a $72.8 million deal with the Las Vegas Raiders to replace Derek Carr (Saints). As it turns out, might never play for the Raiders due to a failed physical, but he’s atop our list with nearly a clean sweep. Only Dak’s pearly whites kept Jimmy G from a perfect score—we don’t think he’ll mind, and Jimmy G also owns a 1-0 career record against Prescott.

Dentist: “Even a slight “cant” (tilt) to Jimmy’s occlusal plane won’t keep him out of the top spot on this list. Jimmy’s tooth and facial symmetry and a strong angular jaw are more than enough to land him in the top spot.”

Lisa: “His smile leans slightly to his right, but he’s truly just a beautiful man and has earned this top spot. ‘Nuff said.”

Stephanie: "He has a strong jaw, that's why I like his smile."

2. Joe Burrow (23 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 3

In reality, everyone was playing for second here. So we’ll give Burrow a shiny silver medal to match that awesome smile. He’s had plenty to smile about, too, with 22 regular-season wins and five postseason W’s the last two seasons. 

The good times are rolling in Cincinnati, with Burrow finishing second behind Jimmy G in alignment and third in jawline behind Jimmy G and Trevor Lawrence. We’ll note that Burrow finished in fourth in shade, but Procter & Gamble headquarters are in Cincinnati, so maybe he can pick up some whitening strips for a chance to dethrone Jimmy G one day.

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Dentist: “Burrow displays outstanding symmetry and color due in large part to beautiful cosmetic ceramic veneers. These veneers slightly alter and improve upon the shade and shape of his natural teeth, while maintaining a realistic life-like appearance and giving him a great smile.”

Lisa: “Very symmetrical smile. Teeth are white. Add that on to a nice lookin’ face and you got our runner-up.”

3. Russell Wilson (20 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 4

There isn’t a ton for Russ Wilson to be happy about these days, but Sean Payton joining the Broncos could turn things around in a hurry. 

As it stands, Wilson was solid across the board, ranking fourth in jawline and shade and fifth in alignment. He’s clearly someone who works on his teeth, as this hilarious viral video of him after getting his wisdom teeth out in 2021 will prove.

Dentist: “I first noticed this great smile when Russ had an incredible season with the Badgers.  Wilson has great facial symmetry and bright white teeth.  If not for a little unevenness of the edges of his teeth, he could challenge Burrow and Jimmy G for the top spots on this list.”

Lisa: “I’m a Badger alum so I might be biased, but I support this ranking.”

Stephanie: "I might put him first."

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4. Trevor Lawrence (19 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 5

As Lawrence was rising the ranks of high school and college football elite and tabbed the next big thing under center, his looks got just as much notoriety. 

The flowing locks and Cali-style smile have been his calling card ever since, and he slots in a solid fourth on our list. The jawline and alignment are there, but he also finished eighth in shade—a better showing (literally) here could have vaulted him up to second place.

Dentist: “No arguments against his position on this list.  Trevor has a strong jaw and very symmetrical teeth, which give him a great and natural smile.  He does display a slight midline shift to the left side meaning that the center of his teeth is not perfectly aligned with the center of his face. Lawrence also displays a little bit of tooth wear along the edges of his front teeth.  Maybe not a bad idea for him to take his mouth guard home from the field and pop it in before he goes to sleep to prevent more tooth wear!”

5. Justin Fields (18 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 6

The youngest quarterback on the list clearly listened to his parents when it came to brushing and flossing. We’ve seen this smile plenty when the ultra-athletic runner is in the open field. He was carried strongly by his alignment, which finished third behind only the top two signal callers on our list—Jimmy G and Joe Cool.

Dentist: “Fields has excellent posterior tooth display (premolar and molar teeth), when he smiles.  This gives his smile a wide full appearance.  Based on that I would have had Justin higher on this list—but that could also be the hometown bias talking.”

Stephanie: "Oh! He has very nice teeth."

6. Aaron Rodgers (15 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 7

From the youngest to the oldest on our list. Rodgers is a Cali boy so you know he’s got that swagger to him. He’s certainly smiling a lot larger and more frequently now that he’s out of Green Bay and with the Jets on a team that could contend for a Super Bowl this season. 

Rodgers was almost perfectly average across the board—ranking between fourth and sixth in all three categories—and the Jets are hoping they get a little something better than that from him this season. Avoiding the Green Bay winters should help keep that smile on.

Dentist: “As a Bears fan, unfortunately, saw way too much of this smile over the years.  However, like his playoff record, Aaron’s smile lands him middle of the pack here.   He has a slightly narrow upper arch which tends to make his front six teeth appear very prominent while somewhat hiding the back teeth in the smile.”

Lisa: “Nice smile, but I wonder if anything happened with his teeth when he went on his darkness retreat.”

Stephanie: "He has very symmetrical teeth, but I don't really like him that much. (His smile) is OK."

7. Geno Smith (14 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 8

Arguably the best comeback story in sports last season, Smith didn’t write back after everyone wrote him off to the tune of 4,282 yards, 30 touchdowns, and an NFL-best 70% completion percentage. He was carried strongly by his whitest of white teeth, and that smile should last after the Seahawks spent first, second, and fourth rounds picks on offense.

Dentist: “Lack of a strong jaw hurt Geno here, so I’ll agree with you on that.  No major alignment issues other than a slight outward flare to his upper anterior teeth (the front six).”

Stephanie: "It's nice. It's an OK smile."

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8. Dak Prescott (12 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 9

Is there anything more fitting than for Dak Prescott to be at the very top of a list on some things and the very bottom when it comes to others? There’s the widest range of outcomes for the Cowboys’ signal caller, and that includes his smile. We love the shade—it kept Jimmy G from a clean sweep in the entire experiment—but the jawline and alignment leave a lot to be desired. Then again, he’s still ranked eighth among ALL quarterbacks in the NFL. He just happened to not do so well here.

Dentist: “Dak’s bright white smile clearly earned him high marks in that category. I agree with you on the alignment marks though. Dak’s tooth alignment is slightly affected by undersized lateral incisors that are positioned more towards the roof of the mouth than the rest of his upper teeth.”

Lisa: “I think this man needs to be higher on the list. Worst jawline and alignment? Have to disagree here.”

Stephanie: "His teeth are really white. He has a good smile. I agree he should be ranked higher."

9. Justin Herbert (8 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 10

He’s still young, so he has time to work on those teeth. Herbert is a cool-lookin’ dude, he just leaves a bit to be desired in the smile department. 

He finished ninth in both jawline and shade—and that’s pretty subjective on both—while finishing above seventh-ranked Geno Smith in the alignment department. We could see an MVP-type season from Herbert in the next few years, and perhaps the smile will also make a leap.

Dentist: “Tough marks for Herbert! I’ll agree with you that the teeth could be a bit whiter but jaw and alignment are not bad. What kept him from moving farther up this list is the excess gingival display on the right side which throws off the balance of the back teeth.”

Lisa: “His smile’s kinda freaking me out, but we like him because I know he’s on your [author’s] fantasy team.”

Stephanie: "I like his smile. He's cute. Who's he? I could watch him."

10. Derek Carr (7 points)

National Smile Day: These 10 NFL QBs Have All-Pro Smiles 11

Well, someone had to finish last. Maybe it’s the facial hair that’s throwing us off, but we couldn’t find any more points to give Carr. The shade wasn’t there, and the alignment didn’t do as much for us as we had hoped. 

A credit to the jawline for finishing above Smith (who finished seventh), but that’s about it. Adding insult to injury? The man replacing him in Las Vegas nearly swept the board and finished atop these rankings.

Dentist: “I think you have this one in the right spot.  Carr’s lateral incisors (the ones next to the upper middle teeth) are slightly undersized and his upper teeth tend to be slanted towards the palate.  Both factors subtract from the fullness of his smile and keep him from climbing higher on the list.”

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