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South Dakota Beginning Major Push Towards Sports Betting

Jake Perper for Bookies.com

Jake Perper  | 3 mins

South Dakota Beginning Major Push Towards Sports Betting

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South Dakota is looking to get in on the sports betting action.

Even with under one million people in its population, the state is looking to add sports betting to the mix here soon. A group of gaming officials in the state filed a proposition that included a constitutional amendment to allow sports betting back on Oct. 23 in the city of Deadwood.

The hope, per the executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association Mike Rodman, is that the change could be brought to the 2020 ballot.

Steps To Be Taken

Last May, the United States Supreme Court passed a law that allowed states to legalize sports betting. South Dakota is aiming to join in on it, but again it could take a little more time than other states due to the constitutional amendment that is required.

Rodman and his team will be asked to work on getting the correct language for the proposal and that will be sent to the attorney general. He will have the duty of giving it a title and full on explanation for the review.

According to the Rapid City Journal, the “pending approval by the Secretary of State's office, the measure can be circulated for signatures equal to 10 percent (roughly 34,000 signatures) of the most recent gubernatorial election to get on the November 2020 ballot.”

Those petitions are due on Nov. 4, 2019.

"The voters would have to change the Constitution, then the Legislature would need to say, 'we will implement this, and here's how we'll tax it.' And the Legislature will give some state agency the authority to promulgate rules to regulate these games," said Larry Eliason, executive secretary of the South Dakota Gaming Commission (per the Rapid City Journal).

Limiting betters to mobile betting and gambling and possible caps/maximum bets such as $1,000 could be implemented, Eliason said.

Craps, keno and roulette were written into the state’s constitution back in 2014. The South Dakota Gaming Association had to announce the rules around the games after the Legislature passed the law. This sports betting proposal would need the same process and task from the gaming association in order for it to go in full effect.

The chance for the economy to get a decent increase in money is something Eliason has eluded to. "It's not a big money-maker," he told the Rapid City Journal. "But it gives us some great marketing opportunities for the Super Bowl and March Madness."

Forward Momentum

North Dakota has also made a thrust to legalize sports betting in its state, with the first stab taking place in November of 2018. The pairing of the two Dakota’s could give vacationers and tourists a little more reason to come over to the states.

Even if it just for the big games, the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, etc., South Dakota will have a chance for economic growth through this legalized betting proposal. With so many states looking to add it for that reason, South Dakota is smart to jump in on the money to be had.

Anytime between 2020-2021 could be when we see our first legal bet in the state of South Dakota.

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Jake Perper for Bookies.com
Jake Perper
Jake Perper, a sportswriter for 10 years covering all levels of sports from prep to pro, writes about gambling news for Bookies.com.