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The Most Popular Mexican Restaurant By State

Mark Strotman for Bookies.com

Mark Strotman  | 3 mins

The Most Popular Mexican Restaurant By State

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Does it get any better than enjoying a big burrito or a carne asada taco on Cinco De Mayo? Maybe take it down with a strawberry margarita? 

We can hear you salivating so we’ll get right into it: Our Google Trends data looked at the most popular Mexican-style restaurant in every state over the last five years. We dove into see which ones come out on top, along with a little analysis on which restaurants were the best of the best in terms of Yelp ratings. 

Here were a few trends and insights that we found:

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant reigns supreme

There were a few repeat chains on the list, but none more frequent than Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. Six different states (Arkansas, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) all ranked it the highest in their respective area. It’s actually rather impressive that it popped up this frequently considering there are only 25 locations—it’s not a Chipotle-sized chain or anything like that. 

Among the states that love Margaritas, Maine gave it the highest rating of 3.5 on 109 reviews.

There’s some serious irony with the top-rated restaurant on the list

OK, hear us out. There were 13 restaurants on the list that received a score of 4.0 or better. The top-rated restaurant was Mississippi’s Guapo’s Barnyard Grill and BBQ, though it had just 25 reviews. We’re not counting that out necessarily, but we’re more inclined to look at places with three digits’ worth of reviews. 

And that leads us to the 4.0 rating with more than 1,700 reviews: Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant in Washington state. For our purposes, it’s the highest rated restaurant on here given the reviews threshold—but it’s also a rather interesting name given how close it is to Montezuma’s, and we’ll let you Google why that’s ironic when talking about food.

The Most Popular Mexican Restaurant By State 1

Can we get some good Mexican food in Vermont?

Naturally, just about every state on our list ranked a restaurant in its own state as the most popular—except for little old Vermont. We know it’s a small state, but the fact that their highest rated restaurant (Gusanov Mexican Restaurant; 3.5 on 191 reviews) is actually in New Hampshire is a little embarrassing. If you’re thinking about opening up a Mexican restaurant, you’ll probably have good luck in Vermont—apparently they need it. (Yes, it’s laughably close to the border by less than 2 miles—but we still find it funny).

We’ve got some seriously tough graders

The most popular Mexican restaurants on the list should also be good, right? Well, foodies are some tough graders when it comes to all this. Only 13 restaurants receive a grade of 4.0 or higher, and the average score among all restaurants was 3.49. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, but then again—it’s above average, and you can’t go wrong with most Mexican dishes. We’re getting hungry just writing this. Not to put them on the spot, but Mexican Town Restaurant in Michigan was the lowest grade on the list at 2.5 with 161 reviews.

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Mark Strotman for Bookies.com
Mark Strotman
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