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US Presidential Election Odds 2020 Weekly Rundown: Biden Closer

Anthony Bennett for Bookies.com

Anthony Bennett  | 5 mins

US Presidential Election Odds 2020 Weekly Rundown: Biden Closer

The last swing of the month is also the biggest, as Democratic challenger Joe Biden edges closer to President Donald Trump after a wild week.

2020 Presidential Election Odds

CandidateThis WeekLast WeekTrend
Donald Trump-114-125
Joe Biden+115+135
Hillary Clinton+3300+2500
Michelle Obama+5000+4000
Andrew Cuomo +5000+5000
Mike Pence+8000+8000
Bernie Sanders+10000+8000

Odds courtesy of 888sport's UK-facing betting site and subject to change. Check out our Presidential Odds page to stay up to date

Remember to keep checking back each week as we track where the top candidates stand and point out trends in order to give you the best view of the 2020 U.S. Presidential betting market so far, and where it might be headed.

What Are the Odds Donald Trump Wins Re-Election?

US Presidential Election Odds 2020 Weekly Rundown: Biden Closer 1

Trump drifted to -114 after nearly a month at -125 or better. With the coronavirus crisis in uncertain territory, the economy likely won’t move much for the remainder of the election cycle, though the downturn largely hasn’t affected his economy-specific approval rating.

Trump’s response to other domestic concerns, however, was more clearly negatively viewed. That included a Twitter battle (complete with executive order experts describe as legally toothless) and a promise of an iron-fisted response to civil unrest in Minneapolis, to which the public is largely sympathetic.

As the odds reflect, Trump is still far from outright losing the election, but he definitely lost the news cycle this week.

Joe Biden 2020 Odds

US Presidential Election Odds 2020 Weekly Rundown: Biden Closer 2

Biden shortens to +115 this week. While it’s partly a success of his out-of-the-limelight strategy as Trump trips over his own feet, the former vice president did get the better of public opinion when he stepped out in a mask for a Memorial Day event.

Trump’s attempted mockery of the safety measure backfired, with Biden delivering the kind of snappy retort the GOP has invested time and money in claiming he’s no longer capable of.

All this comes as new polls show Biden ahead in Florida and close behind Trump in Utah and Missouri. The GOP might be running out of resources trying to compete in key swing states.

Hillary Clinton 2020 Odds

Hillary Clinton drifts to +3300 this week. She seems to have accepted a role largely consisting of trolling the president on Twitter; this is good for keeping her name in the press (friendly and otherwise), but with 2020 hurtling toward a conclusion, she’s likely out of time for a play toward a nomination she never really sought.

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Michelle Obama 2020 Odds

The former First Lady is a +5000 shot. Biden's delay in picking a VP (now set for August), combined with increased scrutiny on purported candidate Amy Klobuchar's potential role in Minneapolis cops escaping charges, might boost Obama’s profile. But it's still a long way off from even getting the nod, much less taking over the top spot.

Andrew Cuomo 2020 Odds

Cuomo remains a +5000 shot. The New York governor, once a star of the American pandemic response for those disaffected with federal measures, is facing increasing heat for both his own slowness to act and new measures that rankled business owners.

Mike Pence 2020 Odds

After dropping to +8000 last week, the vice president holds there. His reopening tour continues, a role that's unlikely to generate much spotlight (and the most he's had lately, a mask-free Mayo Clinic visit, wasn't good).

Candidates with Longer than +10000 Odds

Onetime favorite Bernie Sanders makes his debut in this column. Sanders took to Twitter this week to downplay party divisions, a move that won praise from within the party but is unlikely to revitalize his moribund takeover attempt.

Swing-State Odds

The state odds continue to defy a rosy Trump prognosis, predicting an Electoral College victory for Biden with little week-to-week movement.

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Winning Party Odds

Political PartyOdds to Win Presidency

After a GOP-friendly swing last week, the odds settle closer to the May average, with Republicans at -121 and Democrats at -106. All other parties remain at +5000; new Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen has not entered the odds.

NOTE: Betting on politics is not legal in the U.S. but heavily bet on in Europe. For more info on political betting in general as well as coverage of the latest news affecting the odds, be sure to check out our guide to betting on politics.

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