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WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Betting Odds

Thom Cunningham for Bookies.com

Thom Cunningham  | 6 mins

WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Betting Odds

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heads to Asia for Super ShowDown this Friday in Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia where the company has seen some controversy over its last few visits. Nevertheless, there are matches scheduled to take place which means odds and moneylines are available for wrestling bettors.

Even if you can't bet on the odds because you reside in the U.S., it's still interesting to take a look and see who oddsmakers favor for each match. There are even some interesting prop bets available, such as the Money in the Bank (MITB) contract Brock Lesnar may cash-in.

Heavy Favorites for Friday

Of the nine scheduled matches, six of them see pretty high odds. This makes sense as many of WWE's international events don't see a lot of upsets. This is mainly due to the time zone difference between the venue's location and the U.S. market.

The company will more than likely play it safe during a show that a large margin of their weekly viewers may not see. However, with the rise of AEW in recent weeks anything is possible as WWE has advertised the event as 'equal to or bigger than Wrestlemania.'

The largest odds to win are currently with Lars Sullivan, given odds to win his 3-on-1 match at -2000. Other large odds include Finn Balor at -1250 to retain his Intercontinental Championship against Andrade and Kofi Kingston at -1430 to retain his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

Both Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman have the next highest odds, each given a -910 to win their matches. Seth Rollins will defend his Universal Championship against Baron Corbin while Braun Strowman will battle Bobby Lashley, whom many MMA fans may recognize.

Roman Reigns also has odds to beat Shane McMahon at -625, which is an increase as Roman opened with odds to win at -500.

Undertaker vs Goldberg

A dream matchup for any wrestling fans, two of the most dominant superstars in sports entertainment history goes head-to-head at WWE Super ShowDown. The Undertaker takes on Bill Goldberg for the first time ever in a one-on-one match. The two met briefly during the 2017 Royal Rumble, in which Undertaker eliminated Goldberg from the match.

The two were split to win, each given odds at -118. This is interesting as Undertaker's odds have gone up and now sit at -177. Even WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has a tough time picking this match but does reveal he wouldn't bet against Undertaker.

The winner of the match may be a toss-up, but the method of victory seems to be a lock for those considering a wager on this historic match. The odds for the match ending with a pinfall are currently set at -835, which seems likely given both of their move sets. Undertaker does have a submission finisher, however, so tread carefully on betting this match.

Another iconic match sees Triple H take on Randy Orton, in which Orton opened as the odds-on favorite at -278. Those odds fell to see the two split at -118 each. Now, Orton's odds have gone back up and are currently set at -139.

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Brock Lesnar and the MITB Contract

WWE's Super ShowDown is riddled with Brock Lesnar prop bets, as the beast is guaranteed to make an appearance. What he does with his time at the show can be waged on in multiple ways.

Lesnar currently holds the coveted MITB briefcase, which gives him a match for any championship at any time he wants (within a year of winning the said contract). During WWE's weekly show on Monday, Lesnar revealed he would be cashing in his contract during Super ShowDown after beating down Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Which title will Lesnar cash-in on? The way the story has played out on TV it seems the Universal Championship is where Lesnar will cash-in on. Oddsmakers agree with Lesnar cashing-in on the Universal Championship, given odds set at -162. WWE could sway as they've done many times in the past, as Lesnar's odds to cash-in on the WWE Championship instead are currently +115.

Whether Lesnar is successful with his cash-in or not is a whole other story. Opening odds saw Lesnar successfully cashing-in his contract at -500 but since have fallen to just -295.

It should be worth noting that Brock Lesnar has odds to leave the show with the Universal Championship set at +150 and odds to leave with the WWE Championship set at +175.

Reading through all these Brock Lesnar odds, the most surprising is whether or not Lesnar will make good on his claim and actually cash-in. Opening odds saw Lesnar cashing-in set at -134, however, the odds have flipped and now Lesnar is favored to NOT cash-in. His odds to hold the MITB contract and forgo using it at Super ShowDown are currently set at -155.

Cash-in or not, the WWE has done a good job of creating an uncertain situation for Super ShowDown involving the company's two biggest championships and their most menacing superstar.

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