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Dwayne Haskins Rookie of the Year Odds & Bets to Consider

Marcus Mosher for Bookies.com

Marcus Mosher  | 3 mins

Dwayne Haskins Rookie of the Year Odds & Bets to Consider

After one abysmal preseason performance, followed by a spectacular one in Week 2, Dwayne Haskins of the Washington Redskins is a bit of an enigma. He is on a team with two journeymen quarterbacks (Case Keenum and Colt McCoy) who are both ahead of him on the depth chart.

However, the rest of the team around the quarterback team looks ready to compete. So before the NFL season begins, it time to take a look at the best bets on the board for the former Ohio State passer. Here is how fans of betting on the NFL should approach Dwayne Haskins in 2019.

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Don’t Bet on Dwayne Haskins (+1200) to win Offensive Rookie of the Year

Haskins has the third-best odds at 888Sport to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, behind Kyler Murray and Josh Jacobs. However, those odds seem a bit off, considering Haskins is unlikely to open the season as the team’s starting quarterback. Over the last several years, non-quarterbacks have dominated the award, with only one quarterback (Dak Prescott) taking home the honors since 2013.

While Haskins certainly has the talent to win the award, he is one of the youngest quarterbacks (21) ever to enter the league, and typically young passers struggle their first few seasons in the NFL. Look no further than Sam Darnold and Deshone Kizer, who both had down seasons at the age of 21. And considering Haskins is currently No. 3 on the team’s depth chart, it doesn’t appear he will be starting anytime soon. Avoid betting on Haskins to win the award at this time.

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Take the Redskins to Miss the Playoffs (-715)

If you are one that believes Haskins is going to get on the field sooner rather than later, that likely means the Redskins have failed with Case Keenum and/or Colt McCoy. Given just how deep the NFC East and the rest of the NFC is, it doesn’t seem very likely that Haskins would be able to come right in and lead the team to 10+ wins.

Dwayne Haskins Rookie of the Year Odds & Bets to Consider 1

If and when Haskins is on the field, it likely means Washington is out of contention in the conference. While the odds aren’t great, taking Washington to miss the playoffs seems like a reasonably safe bet.

Don’t Bet on Haskins to Lead NFL in Passing Yards (+20000)

Haskins has the fifth-worst odds to take home the honor. While Haskins put up monster stats at Ohio State, he doesn't have the offensive line or weapons surrounding him even if he were to start all 16 games this season.

Making matters worse, Washington possesses one of the better defenses in the NFL, making shoot-outs all the more unlikely. As tempting as the 200-1 odds may be, it's best to avoid this bet and search for better darkhorse candidates, such as Cam Newton (+1000) or Sam Darnold (+7500).

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