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Revealed: The Richest NFL Teams by 2025

Revealed: The Richest NFL Teams by 2025

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The NFL is a multibillion-dollar industry with fans and those who bet on the NFL following the game from around the globe. But which NFL teams are set to receive the most revenue each year from lucrative sponsorship deals and astonishing brand marketing?

Analyzing revenue data from 2012-2020, we’ve been able to forecast the future finances of each NFL team, to reveal which will be the wealthiest by 2025 – and which will be bottom of the rich list.

The NFL team with the healthiest financial forecast

Reviewing revenue estimations across the NFL for 2025, we can reveal that the Dallas Cowboys are set to remain as the nation’s wealthiest NFL team, predicted to earn more than $1.3 billion annually within five years.

In fact, the Cowboys are the richest sports team in the world and are almost on the cusp of breaking the billion-dollar benchmark already, with 2020 revenue valued at $980 million.

The New England Patriots, who have dominated on the field in recent years and played in three of the last five Super Bowls - winning two - earned second spot on the rich list, with an estimated 2025 revenue of $810.72 million. The gap is set to widen between the top two teams however, with the Cowboys’ expected revenue accelerating 37.27% faster than the Patriots’ between 2015-2025.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers come in third, with predicted revenue of $739.64 million. Incredibly, this figure is more than triple the amount the 49ers were earning as recently as 2012 ($245 million).

The New York Giants ($695.8 million) and Houston Texans ($671.67 million) round out the top five in fourth and fifth place, respectively, while the Philadelphia Eagles ($650.43 million) finish sixth.

Impressively, the Atlanta Falcons’ rise to financial prominence is set to continue in the next five years. The team was bringing in the 26th most revenue leaguewide in 2015, but they are expected to improve further on last year’s 14th place standing to earn the seventh most revenue ($642.95 million) across the NFL by 2025. This rate of growth is only 0.15% lower than the top-ranked Cowboys and 17.97% better than the second-place Patriots.

Finally, the New York Jets ($628.78 million), Green Bay Packers ($626.75 million) and Seattle Seahawks ($610.62 million) complete the top 10 NFL teams for projected revenue by the midpoint of this decade.

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Which NFL team is rooted to the bottom of the Rich List?

At the other end of the table, Sin City might have been built upon the foundations of opulence, glamor and riches, but the Las Vegas Raiders are far from that, and set to be the only NFL team to rake in yearly revenue below $500 million by 2025 if trends hold.

Despite this, however, the Raiders’ anticipated 2015-2025 revenue growth rate is expected to be slightly greater (1.89%) than the Patriots.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Chargers are only marginally better off, with expected earnings of $500.73 million by 2025. The Cincinnati Bengals ($516.07 million) and Indianapolis Colts ($519.87 million) claim lowly 30th and 29th place finishes, respectively, while the Tennessee Titans ($523.33 million) are placed one spot higher in 28th.

Moving up the list we have the Detroit Lions ($525.38 million), Buffalo Bills ($525.58 million), and the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($528.68 million), whose estimated off-field earnings fall short of their recent on-field success. The Arizona Cardinals ($541.74 million) and Cleveland Browns ($528.68 million) complete the 10 worst-off teams by estimated 2025 revenue.

For the full ranking and 2025 revenue estimations for all 32 NFL teams, see the table below:

Revealed: The Richest NFL Teams by 2025 1

Note: Data is based on past performance, and league revenues in 2020 were impacted by COVID-19. The data does not include up-to-date roster or trade information from the 2021 league season.


To determine which teams are set to earn the most revenue by 2025, we first studied their earnings from 2012-2020. This data was captured by analyzing Forbes data over the past eight years.

The data includes all revenue streams and is the amount published by each team in their annual accounts. Using this data, we ran a forecast function to generate predicted revenue information for the years 2021-2025. From here, we were able to rank each NFL team 1-32, depending on their 2025 projection.

With so much money in the sport, it’s no wonder even the smallest NFL franchises are raking in such astonishing amounts – and it’s only going up. For even more NFL numbers, check out our NFL odds.

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