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Odds For Every NHL Team in Canada To Win 2022 Stanley Cup

Bill Speros for Bookies.com

Bill Speros  | 13 mins

Odds For Every NHL Team in Canada To Win 2022 Stanley Cup

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The last NHL team from Canada to win the Stanley Cup was the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. There have been some terrific NHL teams from Canada to win the Stanley Cup since the league expanded ahead of the 1967-68 season. But the Cup hasn’t been returned to Canada for 28 years.

The Habs were overwhelmed by the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals. Tampa Bay won its second consecutive NHL title after being favored across NHL betting markets throughout the playoffs. Meanwhile, Canada’s Cup drought continued.

Single-game sports betting in Canada is now legal, and in plenty of time for 2021-22 NHL season. Betting will be different, and betting options will vary, depending on the province. As a result, Manitoba sports betting options and regulations could differ from BC sports betting, and the same again for Alberta sports betting and Quebec sports betting.

Odds For Every NHL Team in Canada To Win 2022 Stanley Cup 1

Major operators such as DraftKings sportsbook, FanDuel sportsbook and PointsBet sportsbook are expected to make a major push into the country of 37.59 million people, and bettors should be able to wager using betting apps.

2022 Stanley Cup Odds for Canadian Teams

There are seven NHL teams based in Canada in the NHL. Here are the NHL odds for each of those teams to win the 2022 Stanley Cup.

Team Odds
Toronto Maple Leafs +1100 (FanDuel)
Edmonton Oilers +2900 (FanDuel)
Winnipeg Jets +4500 (DraftKings)
Calgary Flames +4800 (FanDuel)
Montreal Canadiens +5000 (DraftKings)
Vancouver Canucks +7000 (FanDuel)
Ottawa Senators +20000 (DraftKings)

Odds via DraftKings and FanDuel are current as of publication. Check out our comparison of DraftKings vs FanDuel for more on the two operators

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Maple Leafs Top Choice In Canada

Odds For Every NHL Team in Canada To Win 2022 Stanley Cup 2

Toronto Maple Leafs

Odds: +1200 at BetMGM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans have endured more than 50 years of frustration and playoff agony. Toronto hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. That misery continued last spring when the Maple Leafs lost their fifth straight opening-round playoff series. The Leafs led the Canadiens 3-1 in that best-of-seven series before their latest collapse.

The Leafs are a good team with a solid core. Toronto won the Northern Division and Auston Matthews won the Rocket Richard Trophy in 2020-21. The Leafs’ fanbase remains one of the most loyal in all of sports. It’s likely this team will get plenty of Ontario sports betting action on NHL futures markets before and during the season. But you back them on the Stanley Cup betting market at your own risk given the weight of history. Then again, even the Cubs won the World Series this century.

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The Rest Of The Pack In Canada

Edmonton Oilers

Odds: +2900 at FanDuel

The Oilers were swept in the first round of the playoffs last season by Winnipeg despite being considered the better team before the series began. Connor McDavid is a tremendous talent but the Oilers need to add some more key pieces around him. The Oilers have real potential and are perhaps the best sports betting value play of any teams in Canada to actually win a Cup in the next year or two. Or 30?

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Winnipeg Jets

Odds: +4500 at DraftKings

The Jets were dispatched by Montreal in the second round of the playoffs this past season after sweeping Edmonton. Winnipeg will be spending the short offseason wondering what happened and what to do next. This is a team that has failed to be patient with its young players.

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Calgary Flames

Odds: +5000 at WynnBET

Calgary went through three coaches this past season and finished 26-27-3 overall. The Flames weren’t great, nor were they terrible. But they don’t seem to be anywhere close to contending for a Cup, especially out West in the new-old divisional and playoff alignment.

Montreal Canadiens

Odds For Every NHL Team in Canada To Win 2022 Stanley Cup 3

Odds: +5000 at DraftKings

Montreal overachieved throughout the playoffs in 2021 until running head-first into Tampa Bay in the finals. The Canadiens stunned everyone outside the province of Quebec bouncing the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup semifinals. Montreal’s playoff run did all of Canada proud and rekindled thoughts of past successes across the nation. With the return to pre-COVID-19 divisions next season, Montreal will struggle to reach the postseason. Carey Price cannot do it all by himself.

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Vancouver Canucks

Odds: +7500 at WynnBET

The NHL is adding a new team in Seattle this season, which will provide a nice rivalry for the Canucks. But things are so lean in Vancouver that the yet-to-play Kraken ( +4000 at DraftKings ) have better odds than the Canucks to win the Cup in 2022. All the teams mentioned here and across the league lost key players to the Kraken in the expansion draft.

Ottawa Senators

Odds: +20000 at DraftKings

The good news, if there is any for the Senators, is that they do not face the longest odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2022 alone. There are four other teams at the same price: Columbus, Buffalo, Arizona and Anaheim. This team is young and has some upside in the future, but not nearly enough firepower at present or in the pipeline to contend for the Cup in 2022.

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