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WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting Guide, Tips & Analysis

Scott Fishman for Bookies.com

Scott Fishman  | 5 mins

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting Guide, Tips & Analysis

WWE is looking at different ways to engage its audiences on Raw and SmackDown Live each week. One way they’re doing it over the next few weeks beyond the Roman Reigns “Whodunit” mystery is dusting off the King of the Ring (KOTR). The origins of the single-elimination tournament go back more than 34 years with names like Don Muraco and Harley Race. The concept evolved into a pay-per-view event of the same name in 1993 as Bret Hart took the crown. The King of the Ring idea stood dormant since 2015 when Bad News Barrett last won.

And even before that there was a five-year gap with Sheamus victorious in 2010. Other top names including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar found the accolade helped catapult them to new career heights. WrestleMania main events and heavyweight title reigns followed. Who will join the list of past champions and Hall of Famers? We are heading into the finals of the tournament with one from each brand remaining when the dust settles. Let’s take a look at the field as we inch closer to the finals at the Clash of Champions.

A reminder that all odds for picks are provided by 888Sport, as WWE betting is only legal in the United Kingdom as of now.

King of the Ring 2019 Semifinal Picks

Match/Prop Pick
Corbin vs Ricochet vs Joe Joe concedes at -106
Corbin vs Ricochet vs Joe Corbin wins at +134
Chad Gable vs Elias Gable at -400
KOTR Losing Finalist Gable at +167
KOTR Winner Corbin OR Ricochet at +200

Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe

WWE has been adding elements of unpredictability between upsets and the case of Raw last week with Samoa Joe and Ricochet ending in a double pin. Since there was no decided winner, the decision was made to turn the final red brand match into a triple threat. It’s the first time in King of the Ring history something like this has happened.

The third participant is Baron Corbin, who impressed in a stellar match with Cedric Alexander prior. Ricochet was my initial pick here but after the way Corbin is being positioned, signs are pointing more in his favor. Unfortunately, that means the end of the road for Samoa Joe. Though, if Ricochet does lose, chances are he won’t be the one to be pinned or submitted - leaving him strong in the outcome. You can bet on Joe to concede the defeat at -106 on 888Sport.

There is a ton of great value betting on this match. Oddsmakers have pushed Corbin slightly ahead to win the match at +134 on 888Sport, a mere six-point difference. Meaning betting on Ricochet winning isn’t totally off base, as he and the “Lone Wolf” are tied to take the KOTR crown at +200. Adding in Corbin’s favor is the ability to bet on a heel walking away victorious at +200, a great value. If hesitant to double-down on Corbin, take Ricochet as the KOTR winner instead. No matter which one of the three wins, it’s a high possibility for the overall King of the Ring to be from Raw, currently at -400 at 888Sport.

Chad Gable vs. Elias

Many brackets were once again shaken up after Chad Gable defeated Andrade to advance to the final match for SmackDown Live. Before the end result, Andrade was right up there to sit on the King of the Ring throne. This was not meant to be, as Gable has built a groundswell of momentum and turned the tournament into a vehicle to get him to the next level.

Olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has even gone on record to support the #KingGable campaign, seeing a lot in the underdog. With Corbin likely to win on Raw, this puts the ball in his court as the fan-favorite in the finals. Mr. Ready, Willing and Gable’s performance really increased his odds as you can bet on the standout to defeat Elias at -400.

From a 'worker' standpoint and in a perfect world, Gable would move on to face Ricochet. But in the WWE Universe, and looking at the history of KOTR, usually it’s one babyface and one heel vying for the coveted accolade. You can bet on Gable to be the losing finalist at +167 on 888Sport. This is also a great bet if the -400 against Elias is too steep for you. We’ll see how this plays out, but hopefully, Gable's work the last few weeks sets the stage for giving him more opportunities like this.

The King of the Ring has been a great platform for those who weren’t getting quality TV time. Here’s hoping the event sticks around and becomes an annual occurrence again. See how the tournament plays out as semifinal matches will take place Monday night on Raw and Tuesday on SmackDown Live. The finals take place at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view on Sept. 15 in Charlotte.

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