Premier League Futures

EPL future odds come in a number of markets: Outright winner, Top Goalscorer, Top 4 Teams and Relegation Teams to name just a few. Less popular markets can throw up some interesting odds too: Fair Play Winners (teams with the lowest number of cards and player dismissals), Highest Table Finish for a Newly Promoted Side (often fancied to be relegated) and Team to Score the Lowest Number of Goals.

Some punters place a future bet and stick to their guns, others place the bet and change their mind after a few weeks and place an alternative bet on the countless game-specific markets for which Premier League betting odds are available. You’ll find some good odds at the start of the season and they may start to look really good as the season progresses. Or really bad, but that is all in the game.

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Currently, no futures data available for Premier League.

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EPL Winner & Top Goalscorer Odds

Two of the most popular betting markets in the English Premier League are outright winner and top goal scorer at the end of the season. Outright winner is simply the team you believe will win the Premier League in 2019. Will Manchester City, the current champions win the title for the second year running? How certain are you? The EPL outright odds on them at the start of the season may look very different at the end of the season - that is the nature of a league where anything can happen. There are usually about 4 or 5 teams that can win the Premier League, however picking a winner is not as straightforward as it might sound!

You'll also find markets for selecting the player who scores the most goals in the season. This is a popular betting market, and everybody has an opinion on it. Usually, it is won by one player but sometimes you can have joint top scorers. The winner of this category does not always come from the title-winning team, but you can expect this player to be in a team that finishes in the top 4 positions.

Premier League Top 4 & Relegation Odds

Similarly to other outright markets, odds for the Premier League finishing positions tend to move about quite a bit during the season. As bookies try to make sense of what is happening, fans look out for value betting opportunities. Premier League top 4 odds is big business - the chances of predicting the performance of 4 teams over the course of an entire season being open to an almost infinite combination of variables within a very complex system.

EPL relegation odds are another very popular market with fans & bettors alike. Several factors can influence a team’s ability to survive in the Premier League, available money often the biggest one! Many believe that newly arrived teams will be the ones to struggle but many of these teams defy the odds so you can never be certain who will occupy those bottom 3 positions at the end of the season. As the race goes on top 4 and bottom 3 get really exciting for two reasons: teams move into and out of these positions all the time and it nearly always goes to the final game of the season before these positions are confirmed. What more could you ask for in terms of nail-biting betting odds?