Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is one of the most popular sports betting mediums, with various markets available for bettors to choose from. Given that this can be confusing to many bettors, here at we discuss the various tennis betting markets online, and how to establish which are the best betting sites with which to place the best tennis bets of the day.

Top 3 Betting Sites

Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is, like soccer, one of the truly global sports, with a worldwide audience, which means that people worldwide are also placing money on their favorites to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament. There are a lot of ways one can wager on tennis, even when there isn’t a Grand Slam tournament on.

Of course, there’s plenty of betting action to be had during the four Grand Slam tournaments, as well as the two major team tournaments held every year. Because of the unique structure of tennis, there are far more options to place wagers on than the simple score of a game like most other sports.

Tennis Betting Tips

Individual Matches

Betting on matches can be a tricky thing because of how many factors can play into a match. The styles of play is a consideration that crosses all sports, but uniquely among tennis is the surface that players will be on. Because some surfaces will be more suited to one play style than another, one would be wise to see what surface a player tends to do well on before betting for or against them.

Because of the unique ways one can bet on tennis, one can also bet the tendencies of players to play matches in certain ways. For example, one can realize that a player tends to go into a lot of tiebreakers and bet on their next set to continue that trend. One can also watch if a player is suddenly turning the tide of a set and bet on them to win by a certain score, which usually nets decent odds.


Betting on the winner of tennis tournaments was an easier thing to do in the 2000s and early 2010s, when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were the two single most dominant forces in the sport. Of course, that also means that the odds are going to be better on all entrants now.

One key thing to continue to consider about each entrant for a tournament is their preferred surface. For people who haven’t played tennis before, it can be difficult to judge just how much of a difference it makes between players and play styles. For example, Nadal’s baseline ground stoke game allowed him to be the single most dominant player the French Open has ever seen because red clay is a slower surface.


Even trickier to do is bet on who will win the year’s tour. At the end of each season, the men’s and women’s tours finish with the ATP and WTA finals (respectively to the gender). The season encompasses all the smaller tournaments as well as the Grand Slam tournaments.

Picking the winner of the ATP and WTA each season relies on a bettor figuring who’s going to be the most consistent player through the season, and who’s going to win the tournament at the end of the year. There’s a fair amount of luck involved with picking the winner of the ATP and WTA because injuries can derail a player’s season without warning.

Tennis Betting Online Explained

General Betting

Moneyline bets are simply picking the winner of a contest. The odds on the favorites usually aren’t very good, but betting on the underdog will certainly net a bettor some money. A favorite is usually given negative odds, meaning you’ll win less than you wager, while the underdog has positive odds (meaning you’ll win more than you wager).

Spread betting is how bookmakers even the odds between a favorite and an underdog. If the favorite has the spread subtracted from their score and they still beat the underdog, then the favorite beats the spread. Odds on spread betting are usually the same on each team.

Over/Under betting is a bit different. The bookmaker will give punters a predicted total score of the two contestants combined, then players have to bet if the actual score will be over or under the prediction. Odds on this are usually even between the over and under.

Tennis Match Betting

Betting on matches in tennis involve the usual picks of simply who’s going to win. Spread betting is more complicated because it relies on how many games a player has won during the match total, something many people don’t look at as a whole number. A common bet is simply betting the spread per set instead of match total.

Additionally, bettors can bet over/under on the total number of games played per match, or set, or points in a game. Another common bet for players to make is if a set will go to a tiebreaker. It’s a popular bet for some players that have reputations for playing very long matches.

Also, bettors can bet on the exact game score per set, or the exact set score per match. Betting the exact score in tennis can be more appealing than betting the score of other sports because the odds for exact score are usually quite good, while only having a limited number of scores possible.

Futures Betting

Betting futures means making a long-term prediction, usually about who’s going to win a league or tournament. The odds on making a futures prediction is usually very good, because of the number of things that could happen between the time you make the bet and the result of the contest being decided.

Best Online Tennis Betting Sites

Like most other sports betting situations, shopping around for the best lines is always a good idea. No two bookmakers will be offering everything identical. The odds on a favorite might be longer from one site to another, which is why it’s a good idea to have a hand in all places that are trustworthy sites.

The best sites for tennis betting will be something that only you can determine for yourself. If a site has prop betting line that a bettor likes, then that might be their go-to site.

Top Tennis Betting Markets

  • Set Betting: predicting the final score of a set
  • Game Betting: predicting the final score of a game in a set
  • Match Betting: predicting the winner, or the final score in sets
  • Tournament Futures: betting who will win a given tournament
  • Service Ace Betting: predicting how many aces a player will serve during a match
  • Tiebreaker Betting: predicting if a player’s set will go to a tiebreak

Top Tennis Betting Events

  • Australian Open: First of the Grand Slam Tournaments. Men’s matches are best 3 of 5 sets.
  • French Open: Second of the Grand Slam Tournaments. Men’s matches are best 3 of 5 sets.
  • Wimbledon: Third of the Grand Slam Tournaments. Men’s matches are best 3 of 5 sets.
  • US Open: Fourth of the Grand Slam Tournaments. Men’s matches are best 3 of 5 sets.
  • Davis Cup: The men’s top international team tournament, held annually.
  • Fed Cup: The women’s top international team tournament, held annually.