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Fliff Social Sportsbook App Review & Promo Code

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

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Fliff Social Sportsbook Quick Facts

🥇 Fliff Sportsbook Review Best for new sports bettors
🎁 Welcome offer 100% Deposit Match Up To $100
💰 Fliff Sportsbook Bonus Code BOOKIES
💳 Minimum Deposit $1 purchase of Fliff coins
🏀 Rollover requirement 1x
📲 Fliff Sportsbook app On iOS and Android
⌚️ Withdrawal Time 2-3 business days


Fliff Social Sportsbook Promo At a Glance

➡️ How the Fliff promo code Works (Welcome Bonus)

All new players have the opportunity to use a promo code that unlocks a welcome bonus. Players who use the Fliff promo code BOOKIES during registration will unlock a 100% deposit match bonus up to $100. You can purchase more Fliff coins with those funds and double your dough when you do. All Fliff coins purchases unlock Fliff cash that can be bet toward real-money wins.

➡️ Loyalty Rewards

Fliff rewards allow players to earn experience points with every pick they make. Players earn experience points by wagering coins, completing challenges, and making referrals (once your referrals buy $5 of coins). Each 100 experience points converts to $1 that can be used to purchase gift cards from major retailers and Fliff coin packs. We love that Fliff offers a rewards program, further incentivizing players to use their operation.

➡️ Badges and Fliff Social Sportsbook prizes

Make your picks on a daily basis to earn experience points and also unlock badges that allow you to level up and make more out of those wagers.

➡️ How to claim Fliff cash prizes

There are multiple ways for bettors to earn Fliff cash prizes. It's important to note that bettors cannot buy Fliff cash. Instead, purchasing coin packages unlocks a bonus of Fliff cash that is an equal 1:1 ratio, so $20 in Fliff coins will unlock $20 of Fliff cash, too. Bettors will also receive Fliff cash once per day when they log in as a freebie of sorts from Fliff. It's one of the most unique features available to players and continues each day. You'll always have Fliff Sweepstakes credits to use.

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Used 59 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

How Fliff Social Sportsbook Works

Fliff Sports operates similarly to a traditional sportsbook in that players choose from set of odds on point spreads, moneylinesmoneylines, and totals, and those players win or lose based on the outcome of the contest. You can play for fun by using Fliff coins on those plays, or place Fliff cash on those plays where wins earn funds that can be redeemed for cash prizes. You'll purchase coin packages that come with free Fliff cash. Bettors can place parlays, complete challenges, and use odds boosts just like a traditional online sportsbook. Note that each pick earns experience points.

How to Sign Up For Fliff Social Sportsbook

Fliff Social Sportsbook wants its players spending less time registering for a Fliff account and more time making picks and earning Fliff cash. It's why the creators made such a simple process for bettors to register for a new account and begin playing. Follow these steps and you'll be ready to roll in no time:

  1. ☑️ Download the Fliff Sportsbook mobile app and create a username before entering in your email and creating a unique password; you'll have to verify that you are 18+ years old and accept the terms of use and sweepstakes promotions rules.
  2. ☑️ Enter in the Fliff Sportsbook promo code BOOKIES to receive your deposit match bonus
  3. ☑️ Enter in your phone number to receive a verification code
  4. ☑️ Purchase Fliff coins, receive your Fliff cash, and start playing!

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Used 53 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Fliff Sports Betting Markets

The majority of sports bettors will find the markets that Fliff Sportsbook offers plentiful. They have betting markets on basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and baseball. Most bettors want to place wagers on the biggest markets, so that should be fine. But if bettors are looking to branch out to less popular sports, or want to place more niche bets on major markets like player and team props, Fliff Sportsbook won't offer those. Below is a complete list of markets that players can make picks on:

  • ✔️ NBA basketball
  • ✔️ NCAA basketball
  • ✔️ NHL hockey
  • ✔️ NCAA football
  • ✔️ NFL football
  • ✔️ MLB baseball
  • ✔️ KBO baseball
  • ✔️ MLS soccer
  • ✔️ UEFA soccer
  • ✔️ MMA
  • ✔️ ATP tennis
  • ✔️ WTA tennis
  • ✔️ Boxing

Fliff Sportsbook App Review

You can usually tell the legitimacy of an operation by its app. It means the creators and backers have put significant time, effort, and money into creating a great user experience and easy-to-use sports betting apps. That's certainly the case with the Fliff app, which is available for free for both Apple and Android users. Bettors receive the exact same access and the exact same Fliff offers that are available on the Fliff website. The fun color scheme and easy-to-use navigation provides a great experience for all players.

How to download the Fliff sportsbook App

Bettors can easily download the Fliff app and create a Fliff account with their Apple or Android devices. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download. Bettors will simply need to provide Fliff with their standard login credentials to unlock access and begin making picks on the Fliff app.

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Used 20 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Where is Fliff Sportsbook Available

Because Fliff Sportsbook is legally a social sportsbook and not a traditional sportsbook, it does not have to adhere to online gambling laws by state (for example, online sports betting is not legal in Florida but bettors can use Fliff in Florida). It's a nice workaround for players who are patiently waiting for online sports betting to arrive in their state. Fliff Sportsbook is currently available in all but 8 U.S. states.

Banking options at Fliff Social Sportsbook

It's important to note that players can always play for fun (and free) at Fliff Sportsbook. If players choose to risk their money with picks, they will be able to purchase Fliff coins and Fliff cash that comes free with your purchase. Banking options include banking transfers, and credit and debit cards. These are limited options compared to a more traditional online sportsbook, but most players should be able to find one that allows them to purchase Fliff coins and begin playing.

💵 Deposit Funds

When players purchase Fliff coins, they'll receive an accompanying Fliff cash bonus equal to the amount they wagered. Bettors obtain Fliff cash with every purchase of Fliff coins. The Fliff coins can be used on free-to-play contests that move players up and down leaderboards, while Fliff cash is used on games that earn more Fliff cash.

💸 Withdrawals

There is a one-to-one ratio on Fliff cash, meaning bettors who earn $5 in Fliff cash may redeem it for $5 cash profit. Withdrawals are relatively quick to process (within a few business days at most), which is admittedly more time than some other traditional sportsbooks. But your funds are always safe and you'll be paid out your winnings in a matter of time.

Note that Fliff cash expires after 30 days, so bettors will need to use their funds received when they purchase coin packages in a timely manner. There will always be odds to make picks on with Fliff Sportsbook, so the 30-day window shouldn't be an issue for most players.

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Used 74 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

More Fliff Sportsbook Benefits

Beyond your standard picks, bettors will also be able to take advantage of a number of great features that are available each time they log on. There are more that you'll discover the more you play, but these are the most popular among players right now:

  • 📊 Leaderboard: New users will get the chance to chase existing users up the leaderboard, which tallies and shows the players with the most earned Fliff coins. The leaderboard starts over fresh each week, so don't worry about chasing players who have been making picks for a while.
  • 📝 Challenges: Want to earn additional experience points? You'll do that by completing daily challenges, which are offered to players and can be completed relatively easily. Examples include placing all of: a two-team parlay, any pick on Lakers-Bucks, any pick on Penguins-Capitals, and any pick on Duke-North Carolina. You'll earn bonus experience points with every completed challenge.
  • 🚀 Odds boosters: Just like traditional online sportsbooks promos, there will be odds boosters on specific matchups in nationally televised games and markets. These will pay out additional Fliff cash or Fliff coins if won.
  • 📥 Customer service: Users can submit tickets within the Fliff app or email [email protected] to have their questions answered. We wish there was a quick method to get ahold of Fliff customer service, but most questions will receive replies within a few business days. We expect that customer service will continue to improve as Fliff expands.

Our Experts' Last Verdict On Fliff Social Sportsbook

If you're a hardcore sports bettor looking to win big, Fliff Social Sportsbook probably isn't for you. While it's a legitimate operation that touts fair odds and real money prizes as payouts, the markets are severely limited compared to traditional sportsbooks and purchasing Fliff coins will be largely irrelevant to players looking to play to win real cash.

That being said, Fliff Social Sportsbook is an excellent option for two types of bettors: those living in states where online sports betting still isn't legal (nearly half the U.S. states) and players who enjoy the aspect of playing for fun and don't want to get too into the weeds with promotions, odds boosts, and parlays that traditional sportsbooks offer. It's also nice that Fliff legal team allows for bettors to receive free Fliff coins and Fliff cash each day, so there will always be something in your account to play with, potentially for a cash prize.

Our verdict? Give Fliff Social Sportsbook a try. Claim free Fliff coins and use the promo code Fliff offers players (BOOKIES) to see what a sweepstakes gaming site is all about. It'll feel like you're playing the real thing without some of the stress and jargon that comes with playing at other operators.

Fliff Social Sportsbook FAQs

Is Fliff Social Sportsbook Legit?

Fliff Sportsbook is one of the newest operations in the sports betting industry right now. Here are some Fliff FAQs that you may come across when considering playing.

Does Fliff have a promo code?

Yes, bettors who use the Fliff promo code BOOKIES will receive a lucrative welcome bonus that earns them up to $100 in Fliff cash when they make their first purchase. It's essentially a match bonus, but it gives players a leg up on the competition all because they used the bonus code during registration. You won't want to miss out on that opportunity.

Is Fliff Sportsbook Safe?

Yes, all of your personal information is safe at Fliff Sportsbook. The website has a number of security features in place to protect players, and their games are made fair by sweepstakes gaming regulations in the state where you're playing.

What is Fliff Cash?

Fliff cash is what bettors use to make picks that can potentially win cash prizes. Players will need to buy Fliff coins with real cash that come with Fliff cash as a bonus, and then they place that Fliff cash on the picks they make. Once bettors win Fliff cash with their picks, they can then exchange that for real cash that is able to be withdrawn. It's a bit of a workaround, but you can earn Fliff cash on your way to earning cash prizes.

How to get free Fliff cash?

Each time bettors log into Fliff Sportsbook, they'll have the ability to earn free Fliff cash. Unlike traditional online sportsbooks, you can earn Fliff cash at no cost to you. Each time you log in, you'll receive Fliff cash that can be used for picks that, if won, can then be used to redeem cash prizes. You'll always have a Fliff cash balance when playing here.

What is Fliff Coins?

Fliff coins are not redeemable for cash, but it does allow bettors to play games for free and rise up leaderboards that win bragging rights. Though you can't make picks that win cash, part of the allure of Fliff Sportsbook is the ability to play for fun when bettors want.

What is the minimum age to use Fliff Sportsbook?

New Fliff users must be at least 18 years old to play. All bettors are required to verify their age when they begin playing with Fliff Sportsbook, so there's no getting around this requirement.

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