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Discover the top Visa betting sites and use your card to make instant gambling payments.

With a secure Visa debit card, you can move cash direct from your bank account to your online sportsbook. It’s quick, safe, and you can usually avoid fees from the sports betting site. Many online sportsbooks also accept Visa credit cards and prepaid Visa cards, though some banks will view a Visa credit card deposit as cash advance and charge a fee. Also, not all financial institutions will allow you to use your Visa card, so it is best to have a backup deposit option.

We’ll show you how to get started right here at, as well as provide information on other options. So, do you want to fund your NHL or NFL betting using your trusty Visa card? On this page we have a selection of the greatest betting sites in your state that accept Visa. Sign up today and claim a welcome bonus with your first deposit!

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What is Visa?

Visa is a US financial services operator that handles electronic payments worldwide. Together with American Express, Mastercard and Discover, Visa processes a huge proportion of payments made through banks and across the internet. Visa doesn’t actually issue its own cards or provide credit to gamblers. Instead, Visa enters into partnerships with banks to supply financial technology.

It’s estimated that Americans owned 345 million Visa credit cards at the end of 2019. And since US states legalized online betting sites in 2018, the number of Visa betting sites has been growing.

In the US, you can access betting sites that accept Visa debit cards. Some sportsbooks also accept payments by prepaid card and credit card.

Visa Options to Choose From

On this page you will find top betting sites that accept Visa cards. Here are some of the more popular types of Visa that you can use at legal sportsbooks. We should stress that some US banks will block any Visa payment they suspect is for the purpose of gaming. You may run into this problem even in regulated states such as New Jersey.

Visa debit card: Use your own checking account at the best betting sites that accept Visa debit cards. With Visa debit, you can transfer cash instantly from your bank account and avoid fees every time.

Visa credit card: With a Visa credit card, you can fund your sportsbook account and enjoy member benefits such as cashback. Unfortunately, Visa will treat your sports betting deposit as a cash advance and charge a fee (assuming they don’t block the transaction).

Visa prepaid card: Some online sportsbooks issue their own branded prepaid Visa cards. Load the card with funds from another bank card and avoid those annoying declined transactions. You can also withdraw funds at any ATM that accepts your prepaid card.

Visa gift card: A Visa gift card is a prepaid card that can’t be reloaded. When you make a gambling deposit online, the amount is deducted from your card balance. On this page you will find a range of betting sites that accept Visa gift cards.

Advantages to Using Visa at Online Sports Betting Sites

So, why use Visa at your online betting site of choice? Here are a few pluses to playing at Visa betting sites:

Secure & Easy Online Payments: When you use your Visa card, you can enjoy secure online transactions using the latest 128-bit encryption. Deposits with Visa cards are instant, so you can make that NFL bet super fast.

Good Range of Deposit Limits: Deposit limits vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, most betting sites that accept Visa cards let you deposit from just $20. The maximum daily limit can be as high as $25,000-$30,000.

Low Fees for Debit Cards: Betting sites that accept Visa debit cards won’t normally charge when you make a deposit. Always watch out for any bank charges, however.

Use Visa to Load a Sportsbook Prepaid Card: To avoid declined transactions, many US sportsbooks now issue their own branded prepaid cards, and there are third-party prepaid cards such as Play+. You can use your Visa to fund your prepaid card, and then deposit into your betting site account, and avoid all that hassle.

What to Watch out for When Using Visa

Depositing at betting sites that accept Visa isn’t all smooth sailing. There are one or two drawbacks every bettor should watch out for.

Payments Declined by Some US Banks: Even though sports betting is permitted in many US states, some banks will still decline card payments for online gambling. Most US sportsbooks will list the banks that currently allow online betting transactions. In any case, it’s a good idea to have an alternative payment method on hand in case your Visa transaction falls through.

Fees Apply to Credit Card Deposits: You should always know the fees when using betting sites that accept Visa. Debit card payments might be free, but a Visa credit card deposit will normally carry a fee of 2.5-3% of the balance. That’s because Visa treats a credit card deposit as a cash advance.

Whatever card you hold, always check the terms in your cardholder agreement to be sure.

Credit Limits: Remember not to use a Visa credit card if you have exceeded your credit limit. Your card will be declined and you will be charged.

How to Deposit at Online Sportsbooks Using Visa

It’s easy for a bettor to make deposits at betting sites that accept Visa. Make sure your personal details stored in your sportsbook account match those registered with your card. If your name, home address or cell number don’t match, you won’t be able to use the card.

Step 1: Log in to your sportsbook account

Step 2: Go to the Cashier area in the lobby

Step 3: Select Visa from the menu of deposit options

Step 4: Enter your Visa card long number, expiration date and short CVV number

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to deposit

Step 6: Hit the ‘Submit’ button. Your funds will usually appear in your gambling account within a few minutes.

You can also make Visa withdrawals at some US sportsbooks, though it is not common. Typically, you will only be able to withdraw to the same Visa card you have used to deposit with. This is to avoid money laundering issues down the line.

Visa vs Other Online Deposit Methods

Legal Visa betting sites in the US also accept a range of alternative banking methods. It’s always good to have one backup option in case your Visa payment is declined.

Play+: Many US betting sites now issue their own branded Play+ card. Play+ is a prepaid card which you can fund via Visa or Mastercard or a bank account. You can then transfer money from Play+ into your online sportsbook account. There are no declined payment requests, and no fees. You can also withdraw funds from the Play+ card at participating ATMs.

PayPal: PayPal is a world leader in online e-wallets. You can fund your PayPal wallet with cash from multiple sources, then transfer money to and from your sports betting account. Minimum PayPal deposits are usually quite low too.

Mastercard: Mastercard is a global payment provider that is used by banks across the US. You can use your Mastercard to make instant deposits, but withdrawals are usually prohibited. Issues with acceptance mirror those with Visa.

ACH/eCheck: An ACH (Automated Clearing House) provider like VIP Preferred lets you move cash direct from your checking account. Deposits are quick, and you can enjoy member benefits.

Neteller: Like PayPal, Neteller is an e-wallet that allows you to safely store funds from multiple cards in one place. You can even apply for a Neteller credit card and enjoy significant member benefits.

PayNearMe: PayNearMe is a great option if you want to use cash instead of a Visa card to fund your online gambling. Simply make a cash deposit at your nearest 7-Eleven, CVS or Family Dollar store, and the funds will be transferred straight to your betting account.

Visa Betting Sites FAQ

Can Visa be used at all online sports betting sites?

No. Some US sportsbooks will accept all debit and credit cards, while others restrict deposits to bank transfers and e-wallets like PayPal.

Are there any fees when using Visa for online betting deposits?

Some sports betting sites that accept Visa debit cards will charge a small fee. You will almost certainly be charged a cash advance fee when using a Visa credit card as your deposit option.

What is the transaction speed when using Visa?

Visa deposits are usually instant. Withdrawals – when allowed – can take between 3-5 business days, depending on the bookmaker’s processing period.

Do I need an account to use Visa? How do I get one?

To get a Visa card, you must apply through a partner bank or financial institution. You may also have to undergo a credit check.

Can I withdraw my winnings using Visa?

Some sportsbooks let you cash out to a Visa if you have used the same card to deposit with in the last six months, though that is the exception.

What are the maximum and minimum deposits with Visa?

Deposit limits vary but usually begin at $20. Daily deposit limits can be as high as $25,000, and you may have a maximum monthly spend.

Is Visa allowed at mobile sportsbooks?

Yes. Just save your card details in the gambling site’s mobile cashier and make deposits in the same way you would online.

How safe is it to use a Visa?

Online Visa payments are extremely safe. Transactions are protected by 128-bit encryption every time you deposit.

How is Visa’s customer service?

Excellent. You can access Visa customer support via live chat, toll-free phone (1-800-847-2911), or email.

Can I still obtain a bonus using Visa?

Yes. You can claim a sportsbook bonus by making your first deposit with a Visa card. Make your first transaction, enter the promo code, and claim a free bet, deposit match or a risk-free wager, depending on what promotions the sports betting site is currently running.

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