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By Ila Amerova | | 4 mins

Georgia Governor Odds: Abrams & Perdue Co-Favorites; Kemp Lags

Georgia Governor Odds: Abrams & Perdue Co-Favorites; Kemp Lags

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Stacey Abrams jumped into the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial race earlier this month, ending months of speculation about whether she’ll take a second run at the governor’s seat. Abrams’ announcement captivated the imagination of European oddsmakers instantly, as the race seemed poised to reprise her heated 2018 battle with Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

However, the bid to become the next governor of Georgia grew more nuanced last week when former Republican Senator David Perdue joined the race – clearly with Donald Trump’s blessing, as Kemp is a frequent target of the former president. This sets up a fascinating primary showdown between Perdue and the GOP incumbent. The primary is May 24, 2022.

British bookmaker Ladbrokes has weighed in on next November’s gubernatorial race in Georgia, even though the final nominees are far from decided. Not surprisingly, Abrams is installed as a frontrunner there and at other sportsbooks to become the governor of Georgia alongside Perdue, while Kemp nips at their heels. Abrams and Perdue are both pegged at +150; Kemp trails behind at +250.

Political betting is not legal in the United States, but it is over in Europe and many other countries, where betting sites offer odds like these, known as “specials.” The news media often cites these numbers, and should American operators ever offer them, it would be a huge market, especially with Georgia sports betting sites

2022 Georgia Governor Odds

Stacey Abrams (D) +150
David Perdue (R) +150
Brian Kemp (R) +250
Vernon Jones (R) +1600
Shane T. Hazel (R) +10000

Odds as of Dec. 13, 2021

Will Abrams avenge her loss to Kemp in the hotly contested 2018 governor’s race and be vindicated with a victory in next year’s mid-term election? Will Perdue trump Kemp in the GOP primary? Or, for that matter, will Kemp prevail and paint Georgia in his shade of red for another term?

These are some of the heady questions that have perked up the political betting markets for a state that is fast becoming a key battleground state on the American political landscape, and a critical one when determining 2024 Presidential Election odds.

2022 Georgia Governor Hopefuls

Stacey Abrams

Georgia Governor Odds: Abrams & Perdue Co-Favorites; Kemp Lags 1

For all intents and purposes, the Democratic primary is Stacey Abrams’ to lose. Abrams rose to national prominence during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, which she lost to Kemp. She gained further national prominence during the 2020 US Elections when she was linked to Joe Biden in the Veepstakes, where she was one of several short-odds-on favorites to get the nod to become Biden’s running mate.

Although that honor ultimately went to Kamala Harris, Abrams nevertheless played a role in the Democrats’ campaign to turn Georgia blue in 2020 – including both Senate seats (and the ouster of Perdue). Her unfailing commitment to the Democratic Party, extensive work on voting rights and ever-increasing popularity in Georgia are just some of the many attributes that underscore her favorable odds.

David Perdue

Georgia Governor Odds: Abrams & Perdue Co-Favorites; Kemp Lags 2

Former Republican senator David Perdue lost the contentious Senate race to Democratic rival Jon Ossoff in January. The upshot was that Democrats took back the Senate and control of Congress for the first time in a decade. Perdue officially announced his run for governor of Georgia on Monday, December 6 – less than a week after Abrams made her announcement to run.

It would seem Perdue’s motivation isn’t just to give Kemp a run for his money in the GOP primary. In a video posted on his campaign website, Perdue said he was running for governor “to make sure Stacey Abrams is never governor of Georgia.”

Brian Kemp

Georgia Governor Odds: Abrams & Perdue Co-Favorites; Kemp Lags 3

Incumbent governor Kemp fell out of favor with Donald Trump after he refused to back the former president’s unsubstantiated challenge of the 2020 Presidential Election results in the state. Ever since, Trump has denounced Kemp repeatedly, and he’s been desperately seeking a credible supporter to challenge Kemp in the GOP primary.

Enter Perdue. Kemp was quick to take a swipe at Perdue in a statement that was released at the weekend when word first got out about his imminent challenge. In the statement, Kemp referred to Perdue as “the man who lost Republicans the United States Senate."

Vernon Jones

The former Democrat state lawmaker turned Republican is another staunch ally of Donald Trump. Jones switched party allegiance in January, but as per the odds, he is a longshot to become the governor of Georgia.

Shane T. Hazel

The libertarian U.S. Senate candidate gained notoriety after spoiling the runoff for Perdue and Ossoff. He’s the quintessential longshot bet at 100 to 1, but he may well prove to be the spoiler again. It’s a role he relished after preventing both Perdue and Ossoff from receiving 50% of the vote in 2020, forcing the runoff.

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