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Bookies.com 2020 Presidential Election Odds Daily Tracker

Bookies.com 2020 Presidential Election Odds Daily Tracker
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The 2020 U.S. Presidential race is in full boil, with odds shifting on a daily basis. Even though political betting is not offered at any legal or regulated sportsbook in the United States, the European counterparts to US sportsbooks have robust betting markets. While many factors go into those odds — including if big bets have come in — they are also a good indicator of where things stand. Bookies.com handicapper Dan Kilbridge takes a look at today's state of the race. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can check back weekday mornings during the campaign!

2020 Democratic Nomination Odds

CandidateToday’s OddsTrend
Joe Biden-1667-
Hillary Clinton+800-
Andrew Cuomo+1700
Bernie Sanders+2500-

Odds courtesy of 888sport's UK-facing betting site and subject to change.

What's Next: Upcoming Primaries In Limbo

There’s a new name on the Democratic primary betting board. And he’s moving up in a hurry. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now listed at +1700 to take the nomination, surpassing Sanders (+2500) as a longshot contender. He’s also even with Sanders at +3300 to win the general election in November. Biden and Sanders have taken a backseat to state government officials as the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe with nearly 500,000 confirmed cases.

Biden is still a massive favorite at -1667 but has remained mostly out of the spotlight amid the global pandemic. Upcoming primaries remain highly uncertain – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island have all postponed scheduled April 28 primaries, with most looking at June 2 as the new target date. We’ll see if Sanders is still around at that point, or if Cuomo somehow joins the race to challenge Biden.

Here is a look at the latest delegate count, thanks to NPR. A candidate needs 1,991 to secure the nomination.

Today's Takeaways

Cuomo Coming Up

Cuomo is gaining widespread praise for his daily briefings in New York, which had more than 33,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Thursday morning. The briefings tend to occur right before Trump’s daily coronavirus task force sessions, offering stark contrast to the White House’s ‘nothing-to-see-here’ approach. Cuomo moving past Sanders with +1700 odds shows the public has responded to his leadership style and at-times brutal honesty.

He’s drawing way more eyeballs than any Democrat in the race, albeit under tragic circumstances. Those are heavy underdog odds, but these are strange times. Multiple opinion pieces calling for Cuomo to challenge Trump in November have already been penned. And he has drawn a clear line in the sand by willing to go after Trump when he sees fit.

Biden Biding Time

It’s been a quiet two weeks for the Democratic frontrunner. Biden stayed mostly off-camera last week and has since made a string of appearances to lackluster reviews. His odds dropped from -2500 to -1667, a relatively small dip considering he was a +400 underdog not long ago. But it’s not insignificant.

Biden just released his plan to boost the economy shortly after the U.S. Senate agreed on a historic $2 trillion coronavirus response bill. So, he’s not staying totally on the sidelines.

The Democratic Party rallied around Biden in unprecedented fashion last month and is largely standing by Biden for now. But Cuomo continues to score big points and Sanders drew attention for his scathing remarks Wednesday in response to the stimulus bill’s shortcomings.

It seems Biden’s strategy is to lay low, let others exist as the face of the pandemic crisis and coast off recent primary wins. Probably not the worst strategy with -1667 odds. But there’s no doubt he’s cooling off while Cuomo and others are heating up. It’s fair to wonder if months of stay-at-home orders and lasting coronavirus response efforts could go on so long they entirely change the dynamic of the race and create uncertainty for Biden bettors in the coming months.

2020 Presidential Election Odds

CandidateToday’s OddsTrend
Donald Trump-110-
Joe Biden+110-
Hillary Clinton+2500-
Andrew Cuomo+3300
Bernie Sanders+3300-
Mike Pence+3300-
Michelle Obama+5000-

Odds courtesy of 888sport's UK-facing betting site and subject to change.