NFL ATS Trends 2021-22

Get ATS records for the 32 NFL teams to see how each one of them performs against the spread.

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ATS Record | The number of ATS covers, non-covers and pushes.

Cover % | The percentage a team covers, not including pushes.

MOV (Margin of Victory) | The average margin of victory (negative in losses).

ATS +/- | The average amount of points that the team covers the spread by.

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What is ATS in NFL Betting?

ATS in NFL betting is betting “against the spread,” meaning you either get points if betting the underdog or give points if you are betting the favorite. Because of the points being given or received, the moneyline on ATS betting, typically hovers around -110.

What does ATS win mean?

An ATS win means a favorite won a game by more than the number of points it “gave” or an underdog either won or lost by fewer points than it was given.

What is ATS win percentage?

This is how frequently a team covers the spread each week. A “push,” meaning a favorite won by the exact number of points it gave or an underdog lost by the exact amount it received, isn’t considered a loss, nor is it factored into the win total.

How does an NFL point spread work?

Each week, online bookies “give” a number of points to the underdog in order to encourage equal betting on both sides. For favorites, they will be assigned the (-) sign next to a number, meaning this is the number of points they need to win by in order to cover the spread. For the underdog, they will be assigned a (+) sign next to number that shows the amount they can lose by in order to cover the spread.

What percent of home teams win in the NFL?

Since the NFL merger, home teams win 57.1 percent of their games and that number increases to 64.7% in the playoffs, according to That is the highest home-win percentage of all the four major sports.

What percent of NFL favorites cover the spread?

From 2006-2018, favorites have covered in just under 48 percent of the time. Home favorites cover the spread 46.25 percent of the time, while road favorites cover a higher percentage of the time at 51.38 percent.

What percent of underdogs cover in NFL?

From 2006-18, underdogs have covered in more than 52 percent of the time. Home underdogs cover 48.62 percent of the time, while road underdogs cover a whopping 53.72 percent of the time.

What percent of NFL games are won by 3 points?

The most common margin of victory in the NFL is by 3 points, which occurs more than 15 percent of the time since 2002, according to That is why the most common spread in NFL betting is three points, typically given to the home team.

What is the average margin of victory in the NFL?

Since 2000, the average margin of victory is 11.71. That number has changed throughout the years as that number has been as low as 10.31 in a given year, all the way up to 12.97.

How many points are scored in an average NFL game?

That number depends on the season, but over the last five years (2014-2018), the number is around 45 points, give or take a few points depending on the year.