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Most Popular Netflix Show of 2022 by State

Mark Strotman for Bookies.com

Mark Strotman  | 4 mins

Most Popular Netflix Show of 2022 by State

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We all know the incredible sports betting action that took place in 2022, but that wasn’t the only thing that people could stream. It was another banner year of television in the streaming space, with viewers consuming millions of hours of TV shows across the country. 

What stood out most? What were your favorite television shows to stream on Netflix this year? We dug into the trends to see which shows were most popular across the United States.


To get this dataset, we utilized Google Trends to identify the most searched for Netflix shows in each state. We filtered by the term 'Netflix', by state, and by timeframe (2022), to get a picture of the most popular shows.

Most Popular Netflix Shows 2022 By State

Most Popular Netflix Show of 2022 by State 1

Peaky Blinders

Leading the way in more than a dozen states was Peaky Blinders—and for good reason. Like playing at the best online casinos, Peaky Blinders keeps you coming back for more.

The popular drama following an English crime gang in the early 1900s had five wildly successful seasons before pausing filming indefinitely when COVID-19 struck in March 2020. Viewers needed to wait nearly four years for Season 6 to finally arrive on Netflix, and it made an impact as the top show in 14 different states.

DAHMER-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

It’s rare to see a limited series on this list, but that should tell you how good DAHMER was. Released in September (making it even more impressive that it’s on this list), it follows the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his spree of heinous murders in 1980s Wisconsin. 

Twelve different states—including Wisconsin, of course—had this drama in the top spot, including some big ones in Texas, Florida, and California. 


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Another impressive run for a show that hasn’t been on streaming services all that long. Wednesday is a comedy horror on Netflix based on the life of the popular Wednesday Addams character from the Addams Family. The show takes place in Vermont, which ironically listed Better Call Saul as its top show in the state over Wednesday.

The Watcher

You move into your dream home, only to be harassed by an increasingly threatening stalker. Not fun. But this Netflix hit was a smash in Ohio, the only state which had The Watcher ranked No. 1. 

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Better Call Saul

Color us surprised that Better Call Saul wasn’t higher on this list. Eleven different states leading the way is nothing to scoff at, but it was arguably television’s biggest show in 2022, in which its final season aired on Netflix. Perhaps when its final season makes it way to more streaming services it will be even higher on this list, so check back in again in 2023 to see where it lands. 

Incredibly, New Mexico ranked Peaky Blinders ahead of this, which left us taking off our Heisenberg fedoras and scratching our heads.

Old school shows still reign supreme in a few states

New shows are all the rage—almost. We loved that a few states still love the oldies, including Wyoming’s Criminal Minds (which is somehow in its 16th season!), West Virginia’s Blacklist (just finished its ninth season), and Virginia’s Riverdale (six seasons). 

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