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Super Bowl 58: How Taylor Swift Can Make It To Las Vegas

Bill Speros for Bookies.com

Bill Speros  | 6 mins

Super Bowl 58: How Taylor Swift Can Make It To Las Vegas

Yes, Taylor Swift will be able to attend Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas on February 11, even though she has a concert in Tokyo the day before. 

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, modern air travel, and the international date line all play an important role in making it possible.

Thanks to a dominating win and cover over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, Kansas City won its 4th AFC Championship in the past 5 seasons. The Chiefs are aiming to win their second straight Super Bowl, and their third in in five years. 


Swift’s beau Kelce had a monster game against the Ravens. He caught 11 passes from Mahomes for 116 yards and a TD in the Chiefs’ 17-10 road win at M&T Bank Stadium. 

Swift returns to the road at the end of next week. She has concerts scheduled for the Tokyo Dome on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 8-10. The next stop on the international swing of her “Eras” tour after Japan is set for Friday, February 16 in Melbourne, Australia. 

Will Taylor Swift Attend Super Bowl 58 Odds

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Taylor Swift To Super Bowl - By The Numbers

We outlined how she would be able to do it all back in October. 

Her final concert in Tokyo begins at 6 p.m. local time on Saturday, Feb. 10, Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas now that we are in standard time. Therefor, 6 p.m. Saturday in Tokyo is 1 a.m. Saturday in Vegas. 

That gives her plenty of time to head to Las Vegas from Tokyo, catch the game, perhaps join Kelce in any victory celebration, and still be back on the other side of the world in plenty of time not to miss a beat down under. 

Swift was seen several times during the CBS AFC title game telecast. She mouthed  the words “Go Away, Please” when cameras turned on Swift in her luxury suite during a promo for the Grammy Awards telecast, set for next Sunday night. 

After the Kansas City victory, Swift joined the celebration on the field, along with Jason Kelce, and the other Chiefs’ well-wishers in Baltimore. 

Swift Has Super Bowl Travel Options

Swift’s private fleet includes a pair of Dassault Falcon 900LX jets. Her “Number 13” jet is believed to be worth about $40 million. But it lacks the fuel capacity to fly non-stop from Japan to the United States. The plane’s maximum range is 4,750 nautical miles. The distance from Tokyo to Las Vegas is 5199.95 nautical miles. Swift’s jet would likely refuel in Hawaii if it was making the trans-Pacific flight direct to Las Vegas. 

The Dassault Falcon 900LX travels at Mach .84, which is equal to 644.5061 MPH. The plane can carry up to 20,905 pounds of fuel, or about 3000 gallons. And burns it the rate of 260 gallons per hour. 

Not that Taylor Swift would ever fly commercial. But it is possible. America has a flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles. The flight leaves Tokyo's Haneda Airport at 1:05 p.m. local time on February 11. The plane lands at LAX at 6 a.m. local time on the same day, February 11, thanks to the International Date Line. The nine hours in the air is offset by the 17 hours gained due to the time change. 

Swift could then connect from LAX to Las Vegas on a private flight and be in Sin City more than 7 hours before kickoff. 

Swift’s appearances during Chiefs’ games have set off a furor across social media, with massive support coming from the Swifties, and scorn coming from others. 

Haters gonna hate. 

Interest in Swift has been reflected in TV ratings. The Chiefs Divisional Round win at Buffalo drew more than 50 million viewers. With the possibility of Swift at the Super Bowl a near-certainty, CBS and the NFL can bank on another big boost in viewership. 

Betting On Taylor Swift During Super Bowl 58?

There is no explicit prohibition on books taking wagers on "How Many Times Will Swift Be Shown During The Super Bowl Telecast?" But those sorts of wagers would only be allowed in a limited number of jurisdictions. Multiple legal U.S. books have been allowed to book wagers on the color of the winning team's Gatorade, or the time of the National Anthem. 

"When you go back to my Vegas days, we were never allowed to do color of Gatorade and some things like that, but we've been able to do that in some various states across the country," said DraftKings Director of Race and Sports Johnny Avello. "Will we do something where how many times Taylor Swift is shown? We might, she's a pretty popular personality out there but (only) if we have permission to do that one. If we're seeking permission to do that and we got it, we might do that." 

The Chiefs were +325 to win the AFC just a week ago before they beat the Bills in what was Mahomes’ first road playoff game. The Chiefs opened the season at +350 to win the AFC and were as high as +425 before Week 17, after peaking at +200 several times this season. 

Swift has no doubt brought new bettors into the fray this season, as well. But her magic wasn’t working on Sunday as the books carried major liability on the Ravens before Sunday’s kickoff. 

Circa Sports Director of Operations Jeffrey Benson said on X Sunday that his book was “begging” for a Chiefs bet. Circa’s line was pushed to Baltimore -5 early Sunday. 

“We need the Kansas City (expletive) Chiefs for our lungs. The lights won’t come on tomorrow if they can’t get inside the number. Send your thoughts and prayers ahead of time,” Benson posted before kickoff. 

Circa also carried a seven-figure liability if the Ravens won the Super Bowl in its futures market. 

Other books also cleaned up on the Chiefs winning. 

“Essentially, late movement is breaking toward the Ravens laying the points at home. Baltimore is receiving 50% of bets but 61% of money, signaling an undecided public but also respected “low bets, higher dollars” in favor of the Ravens,” DraftKings said Sunday. 

BetMGM reported taking two bets totaling $275,000 on the Ravens moneyline at -200. 

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