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Betting With Friends Will Become More Common With Bookmakers

Martin Green for Bookies.com

Martin Green  | 4 mins

Betting With Friends Will Become More Common With Bookmakers

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Betting companies have and will continue to look at ways in which they can enhance the overall experience for anyone visiting their sites to place a bet. And betting with friends is a new concept that allows punters to go head-to-head with their friends within a safe environment.

As the saying goes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You simply place a wager with your friends and whoever wins the bet, takes the money in the pool. This form of sports betting is popular with the smaller brands trying to earn a bigger share of the market.

You can’t help but feel that the more established betting brands are watching closely to see how popular this form of betting becomes before they decide to offer it to their customers, or not.

Share Bets With Your Friends

Sports betting sites are quick to point out that betting on your own should not be done. Betting with friends certainly helps to keep players within their limits as friends will be able to control the wagers placed.

Betting with friends is nothing new. For years, we’ve seen the likes of survival pools where a group of participants put a sum of money into a pool and the last one standing after everyone picks a team to win, takes the money.

The NFL confidence pool is another form of betting with friends. Each person joins the pool by putting their stake into the pool. Each player then picks the winner for each NFL game and places a unit of confidence on each prediction.

The higher the unit, the more confident that person is for that tip to land. The lower the unit, the greater the uncertainty in the contest. After all the games have been played, the player with the most points walks away with the pot of money.

Sport betting sites will be looking at this to see how they can adapt it so that their online customers can play the game that has swept America for years. A Premier League confidence pool for Soccer betting cannot be too far away.

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Betting Against Your Favourite Team Can Pay Off

It might seem unthinkable to bet against your favourite team, but sometimes it makes sense to do so. It’s a classic head overruling the heart in order to make money.

Whatever the sport, there will always be a favourite to win and there will always be an underdog. These will be reflected in the odds that are being offered by the best online bookmakers.

Whether betting with friends, or on one of the leading betting sites, it might not sit well with punters to place a bet on their beloved team to lose. But thanks to the way sports betting has evolved over the last 10 years, you can profit by backing your team in a losing effort.

Handicap betting, or covering the spread, allows customers to earn winnings if the team they follow, loses. In American sports, let’s say the team you support is not doing well and they are facing one of the best teams in the league. You can back your team to cover the spread by losing within a certain number of points designated by the bookmaker.

In football like the Premier League, the spread is referred to as the handicap. When a team is expected to win and win easily, they will be handicapped by a number of goals. If they were handicapped by -3 goals, then they will have to win the contest by four goals or more, the same philosophy used in US sports.

Go Ahead and Back Your Rivals to Win

Possibly, the only thing worse than betting on your favourite team to lose, is to bet on your most hated rivals to win. Some gamblers truly passionate about their teams might find that a step too far, but removing the sentiment from the selection can be beneficial.

It’s the ultimate bitter sweet scenario. You don’t want the team you hate, win anything, but if you can make money from it, then it’s worth it, right?

Imagine the mixed emotions experienced when you discover the result and you vent your anger at them winning before realizing your account will be boosted because of the win.

Some punters will refuse to bet on their rivals to win, but that stubbornness might need to be parked in order to beat the bookies. Once they can get their heads around the concept, the easier, and more profitable, life might be.

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Martin Green for Bookies.com
Martin Green
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