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How To Win Betting On The NHL

Mark Callanan for Bookies.com

Mark Callanan  | 4 mins

How To Win Betting On The NHL

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How to Win Betting on the NHL

Of the four major sporting leagues in North America, it is probably fair to say that the NHL is the least predictable. On any given night, a long-odds underdog can upset a heavy favourite without many eyelids being batted.

This might make it sound like it is more difficult to win when NHL betting, but to the contrary, in fact, it can actually tip the balance towards the bettor. Here are some tips on how to win on the NHL:

Understanding the Odds

Understanding the odds is fundamental to becoming a successful bettor in any sport. Learning to convert the offered odds into a percentage probability value, or using an online tool to do this for you, is a good place to start.

From there, you can compare the bookmaker’s assessment of a betting opportunity to your own perspective, whether this may be based on a mathematical model or simply on gut feel. In any instance where you feel that the bookmaker has undervalued a selection, you should take this as your opportunity to strike.

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Choose Your Markets Wisely

Most of the best sports betting sites will offer a wider range of betting opportunities than most people will ever need. This can be your opening, as you can delve into some of the fringe markets offered to find your value.

With player props becoming more common, these markets can certainly provide the chance to spot an overpriced selection. Becoming familiar with specific markets that appeal to you, and developing your understanding of the odds, will help you establish your niche.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Frequently, the late availability/unavailability of a key player or the announcement of a starting goaltender can have a big impact on match odds. If you are serious about betting on the NHL, then knowing the projected line-up of a team at the earliest possible moment is crucial.

Make sure that you follow the beat writers for each team on Twitter, in order to get the news first. If you’re extra committed, you can even set up tweet alerts on your phone, to keep yourself ahead of the pack.

Knowing the most recent line combinations are also essential to informing your player-specific bets, and most beat writers will tweet these from the morning skate.

Know Your Ice Hockey Stats

Isn’t the internet great? There are so many wonderful statistic-based resources for the NHL, each with their own specific tint on the underlying numbers. Which teams are underperforming? Which team might squeeze into the remaining playoff spots? Which player is having bad shooting luck?

All of these questions, and more, can be answered within the ever-expanding selection of NHL stats sites. For those who prefer a more analytical, numbers-based approach to betting, cherry pick your favourite resources to better inform your betting choices and make shrewder decisions.

Strike Early For Better Odds

The best value can often be found when the book first opens on a game. From that point on, the odds move in response to the amount of activity being seen. Popular bets will reduce in price, and vice versa.

If you are able to discern a good price from a bad one, using some of the above techniques, then you should place your NHL bets early before the market has had a chance to settle. Comparing the prices that you take against the final closing line can also help you to calibrate your approach.

Where your price regularly exceeds the closing one, you can safely assume that your approach is robust. Striking early is also a very rewarding strategy on season-long bets, where lines are known to fluctuate significantly as the regular season approaches.

Take the Bookmaker Offers Available

Plenty of bookmakers will be happy to reward your custom with rewards and/or offers. If you are betting regularly, it follows that you should become familiar with these betting offers and use them to help you gain your edge. It certainly can’t hurt across all sports offered like NFL betting and NBA betting of course!

Shop Around Regularly

Don’t be afraid to compare the best NHL betting odds from one bookmaker to another. In all other aspects of life, we search for the best value, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your bets?

The closer to the puck drop, the more the market should have stabilised, but earlier in the day you should find some disparity in the odds being offered. Taking the highest available price will ensure that you maximise your potential returns, thereby giving yourself the best possible chance at long-term success.

About the Author

Mark Callanan for Bookies.com
Mark Callanan
Mark Callanan is an NHL writer and creates many of the site's in-depth NHL betting strategy guides. If you're looking to bet on the most popular hockey league on the planet, stick with Mark and he will help you out!