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Super Bowl Betting Sites

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest athletic events in the world. It’s the culmination of the regular season, and every NFL team dreams of winning this championship prize. That means there are some excellent betting opportunities, too.

In the following sections we'll take a quick look at how to bet on a Super Bowl game, some of the prop bets on offer, and some important things NFL betting fans should think about before placing Super Bowl bets.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl games have many similar markets to standard games, including moneyline betting and parlay betting, as well as a few extra that you generally won't find in a traditional game. The halftime show has become such a major feature that it’s now a betting event in its own right. There are markets for everything from what song might be performed first to what kind of outfit the chosen star will be wearing.

TheThere are several different kinds of Super Bowl betting odds available, and while these tend to follow the same trends as standard games, they can vary slightly. Over/under betting is always a popular choice. These are bets that are made against a value set by your online sportsbook or bookmaker. They choose a value based on a certain game stat (how many yards rushed, for example), and you can then bet “over” or “under” this value.

Point spread betting is another good option, especially if you're new to betting on the Super Bowl. Point spread betting means you can bet on both teams, as you're betting on things like how many points the game will be won by, or by how many points a team will lose. For example, you could bet on the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl by X amount of points, and the Dolphins losing by X amount of points.

Super Bowl prop bets are another option and we'll look at these in more detail below.

What are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

While most bettors will tend to go for the spread bets, Super Bowl prop bets have become something of a legend. They're full of weird and wonderful markets, and great if you want to have some fun (just remember not to go in very heavy with your stake, as these are generally difficult to win).

TThe most common prop bets are things like who will win the coin toss (a pretty good one to start with as it's a 50/50 bet), who will score the first touchdown, who will score last in the game and so on. In the past, some of the more obscure prop bets have included things like “Will Tom Brady's jersey be stolen again?” and “How long will it take Pink to sing the National Anthem?” There are many others, and you can find a nice mixture of fun bets alongside more serious sporting ones.

If you are aiming to try and win your stake, then it's best to stick to simple prop bets with even split chances. the coin toss is a good example, as there are only two ways it can go, this is even true for some more entertaining options. Tom Brady's jersey being stolen is still a 50/50 bet, for example. Things like “Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech?” has a lot more variables, so generally won't be worth anything more than a fun, small bet.

What to Consider When Making Super Bowl Betting Picks

  • Team Strengths: What are the teams playing known for? Some teams have a strong running game for example, others rely on their quarterbacks for long plays. These are important things to think about because not only will they affect the outcome of the game, they can influence any side or prop bets too. Some teams may save the best for the second half, while others are strong openers. Make sure to research the teams playing to get a good idea of what to expect.
  • Star Players: Any team that makes the Super Bowl is going to have a few key players. While the team might not completely fall apart without these guys, they're very likely to have a major influence on the game. Keep an eye on previous injuries, performances and even any off-field activities, as these can all have an impact on how they play.