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Tote Placepot Tips For Aintree: Expert Selections For Day 3 Saturday 2024

Mark Fordham for Bookies.com

Mark Fordham  | 9 mins

Tote Placepot Tips For Aintree: Expert Selections For Day 3 Saturday 2024

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Welcome to our placepot tips page, where we tackle the biggest Tote pool placepot across today's horse racing. Here you will find our Tote Placepot perm put together by experts at Bookies with full instructions as to staking and the number of placepot lines we consider required for that placepot ticket.

If you don’t already, we recommend opening up a horse racing betting account with Tote UK to place your pools bets on the Placepot. Tote has live pools data, easy-to-use permutation options and, like most of the best horse racing betting sites, live streaming for UK and Irish racing each day. Also find our daily racing tips from our in-house experts to help you find more winners.

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Today’s Placepot Tips & Selections Aintree Day 3

We are trying to win the Tote placepot at the Grand National Meeting Festival on Saturday. 

Our expert suggested placepot perm is as follows:

Tote Placepot - Friday, 12th April 2024 Selection No.
Leg 1 - 1.45 Aintree 4
Leg 2 - 2.20 Aintree 4
Leg 3 - 2.55 Aintree 7
Leg 4 - 3.30 Aintree 6
Leg 5 - 4.05 Aintree 23
Leg 6 - 4.40 Aintree 6

Calculation 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1x 1 = 1 bet

Stake suggested: £2 x 1 = £2 Total Stake

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During the jump season, the Tote will be guaranteeing one daily placepot pool of £100,000, and on Saturdays it will guarantee a £250,000 placepot pool for one selected meeting. Our placepot experts will concentrate on these selected meetings, where possible, to ensure you are playing in the biggest prize pool and have the best chance of being part of a large placepot dividend if your selections are successful. 

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Leg 1

1.45: 14

14. Black Bamboo

Leg 2

2.20: 5

5. Jimmy Du Seuil

Leg 3

2.55: 5

5. Crebilly

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Leg 4 

3.30: 1

1. Botox Has

Leg 5

4.05: 26 & 28

26. Meetingofthewaters
26. Roi Mage

Leg 6

4.40: 3

3. Found A Fifty

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How Does A Placepot Work?

A placepot bet is a Tote pool bet where you pick a horse to be placed in each race from the first race on a card to the sixth at any meeting in the UK or Ireland each day. The more people who play the placepot, the bigger the pool. Those who find a placed horse in each race within their bet share the pool divided equally between them.

The Tote runs the pool, but players can bet into it through other online betting sites or in betting shops, but the bonuses and additional supports are best served with the Tote for a placepot bet. For running the pool, the Tote will take a deduction from the total pool fund before paying out winning placepot tickets.

How Do I Place a Placepot Bet?

Make sure you have a Tote account or bet with horse racing betting sites that accept Tote pools bets like the placepot. Choose the meeting you wish to place a placepot on and then make your selections starting with race 1, race 2 and so on until the final race of the placepot, which is always the sixth race on the racecard.

You can pick one horse in each race for the simplest of placepot bets; one line and one stake of £1 is a great way to try the placepot. If successful, you will receive the fully declared winning dividend as it is paid out to a £1 stake. More experienced placepot players will often pick more than one horse in a race and perm the outcomes of these horses in a placepot perm. This leads to more bets, more lines and a greater stake, but it is not a requirement to play the placepot that way. 

What is a Placepot Perm?

A perm is a permutation of possibilities, and in placepot terms, it means combining a number of horses in each of the placepot races to try to get a winning ticket. A placepot player may choose two horses in the first leg - race 1 of the card - then have a banker of one horse in the next race, two picks in each of the next three legs before one in the final race of the placepot. That would mean a perm is created for the placepot with selections in each race requiring a simple calculation to work out the number of bets and the staking. In this instance the perm can be calculated like this:

2 x 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 = 16 bets.

Each bet is considered a different line of the placepot and therefore a bet. 16 bets in this perm stakes at 50p a line would cost £8 but a placepot can be played for lines as low as 1p.

The stake then represents the percentage of the placepot dividend you will receive if staking a winning placepot. A 50p line would return 50% of the winning dividend, a 1p line would return 1% and a fully staked £1 line would pay out the whole dividend on a winning placepot bet.

How Should I Stake a Placepot?

Staking a placepot is a personal decision. How much you want to spend, how many horses you wish to pick and what number of placepot lines that required are completely up to you. We suggest starting small, with £1 lines or small perms of horses staked at 50p, 10p etc to keep your stakes manageable and responsible. 

Only ever bet what you can afford and try to play when the pools are biggest and interest in the meetings is high so there is a large number of customers playing the placepot. These will have the biggest pools and chances of a big dividend are higher with larger pools.

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How to Calculate Placepot Winnings?

To calculate placepot winnings you need to divide the total amount in the prize pool by the number of winning units. This gives you a dividend amount to a £1 stake. To calculate your payout you need to multiply your stake per line by the amount of winning lines you have in your bet. For example:

£100,000 prize pool divided by 1000 winning units gives a dividend of £100. If you had placed 2 winning lines to a £2 stake per line, your payout would be £400.

The placepot pays more out if fewer people are successful with their picks. If a favourite places in every race, it is likely that it will be won by many people, and therefore the placepot dividend will be low. If it is only won by a few people and has been difficult to win, with many outsiders coming home first or placing in the races then expect a bigger winning placepot dividend to be declared.

Typically, you can expect a placepot to pay better than a place bet on six horses, but the pay outs can range from less than £10 to tens of thousands. The Tote suggests the average pay out last season with the Tote+ bonuses was £441, which is great value if you are successful with a normal-sized placepot or small perm.

What is the Biggest Placepot Payout?

There have been some huge placepot dividends won in the UK and Ireland in recent years. At Cheltenham in 2019, the dividend paid £91,283.10 for a £1 line on one of the days of the Cheltenham Festival. At Cheltenham in 2018, there was a placepot dividend of £32,088.70. One lucky player won it three times for a £3 bet and scooped over £96,000.

Where Can I Do A Placepot Online?

Betting on the placepot with the Tote is the simplest way to punt a placepot. The betting site covers each meeting across the UK and Ireland and also has lots of other pool bets available like the Jackpot, Quadpot, Win pools and products like Exactas, Trifectas, the Scoop 6 and even Fantasy Racing. 

Many mainstream horse racing betting sites will take placepot bets, too, and you can check out our list of operators for those that do and don’t. The placepot can also be placed in person at the racecourse or in many a high street betting shop.

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