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theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook Review & Launch Updates May 2022

Review of theScore Bet Sportsbook in Ontario

Online sports betting in Ontario has been on the table since June 2021, when The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act was passed in the province. That legalized single-game sports betting, but only through the government-run PROLINE+ website. Now, Ontarians will have more options as the market opens to private operators on April 4, 2022.

Among the sportsbooks that will go live is theScore Bet sportsbook, which should have a decided advantage over the other 20+ operators expected to enter the market. Originally a media entity based in Canada, theScore Bet sportsbook has launched in four U.S. states through a partnership with Penn National Gaming.

TheScore Bet Ontario is unique (as is every other version of the sportsbook) because it integrates the media company and the sportsbook in the same app. You can be reading a story about the Maple Leafs on theScore app, then click a button to bet on the game in the sportsbook! That's an awesome feature U.S. bettors have enjoyed for awhile and now theScore Bet is finally heading back North to Ontario. Our theScore Bet review will let readers know what we like about the mobile app, where it could improve, and how it stacks up against the best online sportsbooks in Ontario.

theScore Bet Sportsbook Ontario Promo Code & Launch Details

🥇 Best For News integration
🎁 theScore Sportsbook Ontario Promo Code Available Soon
📲 theScore Sportsbook App Ontario iOS (⭐ 4.7) / Android (⭐ 4.3)
🏀 Available Sports Hockey, Football, NBA, College Basketball, College Football, MMA, Golf, Tennis, Boxing & Soccer
💳 Minimum Deposit $10
⌚️ Withdrawal Time 2-3 business days
🖊️ Who is Eligible 19+ located in Ontario
✔️ Licenced By Ontario Gaming Commission

Top Ontario Sportsbook Common Features

Here's what bettors should be looking for in the best online sportsbooks in Canada:

User Experience: At its core, players should want to log in and use their online sportsbook. It's why how the app looks and feels is so critical to its success. Do pages load quickly? Is the color scheme easy on the eyes? Are odds easy to read? Is it easy to navigate? Do you always know what promotions are available to you? These are the things that make or break a sportsbook.

Ease of Banking: You're betting your hard-earned money at online sportsbooks, so it should be simple to make deposits and withdrawals. Using legal and licensed sportsbooks ensures that your money is safe and that you'll always have easy access to your funds.

Competitive Odds: You'll want to get the most bang for your buck. It's why we recommend signing up for multiple sportsbooks that will offer different odds in different markets. Paying -120 instead of -110 might not feel like a lot in a single instance, but it will add up over time.

Many Sports Offered: Everyone has a favorite sport, but none of them are played year-round. It's why we love online sportsbooks that offer a plethora of different sports for every season. It also provides a nice change of pace if bettors need it.

Safety and Security: You're entering your personal information and banking information with online sportsbooks, so you'll want to make sure your data is encrypted, safe, and secure. The best online sportsbooks also offer multi-factor authentication when signing in.

Rewards/Loyalty Program: Loyalty programs like theScore Bet Ontario Beyond are a nice bonus for players to earn points that can later be used for free bets. Most online sportsbooks should have rewards programs, and it's important to know exactly how they work so you can take advantage of all they have to offer. It doesn't cost anything to earn!

Top Features at theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook

There's plenty to like about theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook. Here are our three favorite features:

Outstanding mobile app

Because there is no desktop website, theScore Bet Ontario made sure its mobile app was elite. That's been our experience, too. Pages load quickly, there is a quick response time on live betting odds, and you can access markets as easily as you can access your account. If you're interested in a premier mobile app to bet on the go, theScore Bet Ontario is your destination.

Rewards program

All the best online sportsbooks in Ontario will have a rewards program, and theScore Bet is no exception. Players can earn points with theScore Bet Ontario Beyond program that lead to perks like free bets and more.

Customer support options

You don't know how important solid customer support is until you need it. With a 24/7 live chat function and a responsive email address and phone number, you're always one click of a button away from getting the help you need if something comes up during your playing experience.

Though theScore Bet is actually a Canadian-based entity, originally launching as theScore Media app, its first online sportsbooks launched in the United States (in New Jersey in 2019). Currently also legal in Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana, theScore Bet is finally making its way back to Canada with the expected launch of online sports betting in Ontario beginning April 4. Given that it's already established as a sports app and has successfully launched in the U.S., we expect that theScore Bet Ontario will immediately become one of the best sports betting sites in Ontario

theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook Bonus Codes

All online sportsbooks know they'll need to incentivize signing up and using their product. It's why we expect that theScore Bet Ontario will have a great sign-up bonus for first-time users. Whether that's a first-deposit match bonus, first-bet site credit match, or some other combination of free bets. Bettors will receive a theScore Bet Ontario promo code to enter during registration to take advantage of these great sign-up offers. We will have the latest theScoreBet Ontario sportsbook bonus terms when they are announced, but we know bettors will have the opportunity to get fun perks just for signing up. It's important to note they'll need to 'opt in' in order to view the potential offers.

More Offers from theScore Bet Sportsbook Ontario

In addition to theScore Bet Ontario sign-up bonus, we expect that bettors will have additional perks that they can take advantage of while playing. TheScore Bet Ontario will routinely offer promotions like odds boosts, deposit match bonuses, and more than incentivize players to stay active on the app. Enabling push notifications on your mobile device will ensure you always have the most up-to-date promotions available to you as a bettor!

How to Sign Up for theScore Bet Sportsbook Ontario

TheScore Bet Ontario makes signing up for a new account simple and quick. Follow these easy steps to register for a new account on the mobile app and you'll be ready to place bets in no time!

  1. Download theScore Bet Ontario app to either your Apple or Android device

  2. Enter your personal information, including the creation of a username and secure password.

  3. Verify your email address and then verify your age and location

  4. Scan your government-issued ID and take a selfie to confirm your identity

  5. Make a deposit of at least $10 and begin playing!

theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook Betting Options and Market Coverage

Just about all sports fans will find something to bet on with theScore Bet Ontario online sportsbook. You'll be able to bet on individual games, league title winners, individual award winners, and live betting options are always on the table. While theScore Bet Ontario doesn't have some of the smaller sports betting markets, the major ones (and their collegiate counterparts) are available. This should suffice for the majority of players. Here's what to expect:

Bet Types Available

Players can place a number of different wagers at theScore bet Ontario sportsbook. Here are the main ways most will place bets along with an example of what each looks like:

  • Spread Bets: A point spread evens the playing field between two teams. It's essentially the number of points that oddsmakers believe the favorite will win by. For instance, if the Raptors are -3.5 against the Lakers, the Raptors would cover the spread if they won by four or more points.

  • Moneyline: The moneyline bet is simply a wager on which team will win the game. It costs more to bet on the favorite because they are expected to win, while betting on an underdog will yield more in profit. For example, if the Raptors are -200, a better would need to place a $200 wager to earn $100. If the Raptors were +250 underdogs, a $100 bet would yield $250 in profit.

  • Over/Under: The Over/Under bet is when Oddsmakers set a total for the number of points expected to be scored in a matchup, and bettors then wager on whether the actual number will be higher or lower than the set amount. For example, if a Raptors-Lakers game had a total of 224.5 and the final score was 110-107 (217 points), the under would be successful.

  • Parlays: A parlay bet is a combination of individual bets that yield higher odds and payouts for bettors, but all legs of the parlay must be successful. For example, a three-leg parlay with odds of -200, -100, and +200 would create +800 odds. But all three matchups would need to win in order for the +800 payout. Even a 2-1 record would be a loss on the parlay.

  • Player/Team Props: Player and team prop bets are essentially over-unders but for individuals or single teams. Examples include a player to score more or less than 17.5 points, a team to make more or less than 2.5 3-pointers, or the first player to score a touchdown. While theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook does not offer a wide variety of player and team props, they're still available for major sports betting markets.

  • Future Bets: These are bets on something happening or not happening by the end of a season. Examples include a team's total wins, a league's Most Valuable Player, or the winner of a division. Futures betting odds are constantly changing over the course of a season, from the preseason up until the final few weeks of the postseason. The odds on futures bets are often more attractive than in-season bets because you're taking on a lot of uncertainty. You might bet Josh Allen to lead the league in passing in June, but then his favorite WR, Stefon Diggs, misses the first six games of the season with an injury - see what we mean?

Sports Markets Offered by theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook

"Markets" is the term sports betting operators use to refer to sport events available for "action" or bets. When it comes to the markets it offers, theScore Bet Ontario is serviceable, yet unspectacular.

TheScore Bet Ontario has all the main sports you'd want, but there are books out there with table tennis, rugby and surfing markets, for example. The Score Bet is banking on casual bettors not worry about that, which we think makes a ton of sense. Be honest: How often are you looking for Russian table tennis action?

  • NBA

  • NFL

  • NHL

  • Boxing

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • MLB



  • Soccer

  • College football

  • College basketball

theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook vs. Other Ontario Sportsbooks

TheScore Bet Ontario is always going to stand out among its peers because of its exclusive app. It's also unique in that there's a sports news app tied directly to it, meaning sports bettors will have access to the latest information and stats before they place their bets. That's distinctly unique in the Canadian market. TheScore Bet Ontario offers a premier app, outstanding customer service, and competitive bonuses that make it tough competition against the best sports betting sites in Ontario.

When comparing theScore Bet Ontario vs. DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook or Ceasars Ontario Sportsbook and others in the province, we found that most pregame odds are similar to what you'll find elsewhere and that the mobile app is at or near the top of the list against its competitors like theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook. While player and team props are lacking and cost a bit more than its competitors, theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook does have a solid list of betting options for major sports betting markets.

theScore Bet Closest Competitors

theScore Bet DraftKings FanDuel
Overall Sportsbook Reputation 5/55/55/5
Quality of odds vs. the competition 5/54/54/5
Noteworthy sportsbook features 4/53/53/5
Market variety and bet types 4/55/55/5
Deposit and cash out 4/54/54/5
Mobile App design and performance 4/55/54/5
Rewards programs and loyalty offers 5/53/55/5
Security and trust 5/55/55/5
Overall rating (out of 40) 36/4034/4033/40

theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook App Launch Details

TheScore Bet Ontario review needs a significant look at the mobile app because that's the only way to access the online sportsbook. With no desktop option, the app is all we've got. There's a smooth color scheme, easy-to-navigate home page, a tab for all theScore Bet Ontario promos available to players, and access to your account to see your balance and change your settings. It also integrates smoothly with theScore Ontario sports app, so you'll be able to bet while you look up sports news, and you'll be able to browse sports news before placing your bets. Sports bettors will find the mobile app simple, all-encompassing, and smooth to navigate.

What Makes theScore Bet Sportsbook Stand Out

Clean interface: You'd be surprised, but not all online sportsbooks and their mobile betting apps are easy to use and look good. Some are slapped together and not true mobile app experiences. But not with theScore Bet Ontario app. Betting markets are laid out cleanly, pages populate smoothly which helps with live betting, and it's easy to navigate. You'll never feel overwhelmed, which again is not as simple for an app as it sounds.

Integration with theScore Bet Ontario sports media app: One of the most unique features of theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook is that it integrates well with the media app theScore Bet Ontario offers. It means you'll be able to check stats and news in the same application where you wind up placing your bet. It's a small feature, but one that will really stand out as players begin to use it.

Live betting odds: We prefer live betting on mobile apps, which tend to populate and update quicker. Well, theScore Bet Ontario mobile app has great live betting features that sync well and update in real-time to you won't miss any chances to grab odds in the middle of games. Your bet slip will load quickly and you'll be able to place bets with ease. Given that the app is the only way to bet with theScore Bet Ontario, it's great that it works seamlessly.

Download theScore Bet Ontario Sports Betting App

Downloading theScore Bet Ontario betting app is important because, well, it's the only way to access the sportsbook. The good news it couldn't be easier for bettors to do so. The mobile sports betting app is free for both Apple and Android users and can be accessed on both app stores. Here's what to expect from theScore Bet Ontario app.

⭐ Apple App Store Score 4.7
⭐ Google Play Score 4.3

What iOS Users Are Saying

🗣️ Good: "Smooth app with little lag time"
🗣️ Good: "Great interface that is easy to navigate"
🗣️ Bad: "Lack of player props on sports betting markets"

What Android Users Are Saying

🗣️ Good: "Modern design is easy to use"
🗣️ Good: "Seamless withdrawals"
🗣️ Bad: "Lack of promotions and offers"

theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook Safety and Security

It's normal for bettors to be skeptical about putting all of their personal information and banking methods onto an app. But we're happy to report that theScore Bet sportsbook Ontario encrypts all information so it's safe and secure. Since all sports betting is done on mobile apps, bettors can set PINs and biometric face scanning to secure their accounts. Players can also back up their accounts further with security questions that need answering when logging on from a new device. TheScore Bet Ontario security is as close to perfect as it gets. Our TheScore Bet Ontario review gives them great marks in this department.

Banking Options for theScore Bet Ontario Users

TheScore Bet Ontario will be new in the Canadian market, but it's been established in the United States for a few years. That's why it will already have a number of different banking methods for its players to choose from. Bettors will need to deposit at least $10. Here are the ones that bettors can expect to use to place bets and withdraw funds:

For withdrawals, the options are limited to just:

  • Cash at the cage of the land-based casino

  • Play+ card

  • Online bank transfer

We expect that the deposit and withdrawal options will increase as soon as theScore Bet gets settled in Ontario. For now, the withdrawal options are somewhat limited but we're confident most bettors will be able to use the bank transfer to take out any winnings.

theScore Sportsbook Ontario Payout Options

💳 theSCore Neteller Withdrawal Time Instantly at Participating ATMs
💳 theScore Online Banking Withdrawal Time 1-3 Business Days
💳 theScore Skrill Card Withdrawal Time Instantly at Participating ATMs

Customer Support theScore Bet Sports Ontario

TheScoreBet sportsbook Ontario is a legitimate operation that has been running in the United States for a few years now. That means it runs smoothly without any major hiccups. It's one of the best reasons to use a legal and licensed online sportsbook. But some issues may arise, especially with theScore Bet Ontario only having mobile sports betting.

That's why we're glad to report that their customer support options are thorough and complete. Users will have access to a 24/7 live chat option, a telephone number, and an email address to have their questions answered. TheScore Bet Ontario also has a Twitter handle that responds to direct messages and tweets. This is about as good as it gets in terms of customer support in Ontario.

Pros & Cons - theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook

Solid amount of betting options
Betting app is smooth and user-friendly
Great customer support
Integration with theScore Ontario media app
No desktop option
Limited withdrawal banking options for now

Our Final Verdict of theScore Bet Sportsbook Ontario

If you're ready for online sports betting, our Bookies.com sportsbook review concludes that theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook needs to be part of your rotation. TheScore Bet Ontario's defining feature of integrating the news app with the sportsbook is genius and works like a dream. All the markets you could want are here, too. What's more, we're huge fans of the app interface and user experience, which as we said works in tandem terrifically with the news portion. Customer support is great, the list of odds are competitive, and deposits and withdrawals are relatively easy. We wish there was a desktop version to give players options, but theScore Bet Ontario app has everything bettors will need. It's time to start betting in Ontario, and theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook is the place to be.

theScore Sportsbook Ontario FAQ

Is theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook legal?

Yes, theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook could be available in Ontario as early as April 4 and will be legal to all players 19 years or older and located in the province. TheScore Bet will also feature a casino that bettors can use in conjunction with the sportsbook.

How to sign up on the theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook App?

Signing up for a theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook account is simple. Bettors will need to provide all their standard personal information, verify their age and location, and choose a banking method to make deposits and withdrawals. The process only takes a few minutes and can be done on the desktop website or theScore Bet mobile app.

Does theScore Bet Ontario offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, all Ontario sportsbooks will offer some sort of welcome bonus, whether it's a first-deposit match bonus, first-bet insurance, or something else. We'll know more about theScore Bet Ontario's offer closer to launch date, but it will be enticing and earn players a nice bonus to begin their experience.

Is there a theScore Bet Ontario Betting app?

Yes, theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook has mobile sports betting. TheScore Bet app is available for both Apple and Android users and is free to download in the Google Play Store or App Store. TheScore Bet mobile app is unique in that it's the only way for bettors to play (there is no desktop version).

How old do I need to be to bet on the theScore Bet Ontario Sportsbook?

Bettors must be at least 19 years old to legally bet in Ontario. Bettors must verify their age to place bets with theScore Bet Ontario sportsbook, so there's no getting around this requirement.