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Tyson Fury A Heavy Favorite In WWE Crown Jewel Match

Scott Fishman for Bookies.com

Scott Fishman  | 3 mins

Tyson Fury A Heavy Favorite In WWE Crown Jewel Match

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Between work and getting ready for Halloween, WWE is counting on viewers tuning in to its Crown Jewel event live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at 1 p.m. EST Thursday on the WWE Network.

The company has loaded the card with special attractions, featuring top names from combat sports in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Tyson Fury will follow in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali, Butterbean, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and others from the boxing world by stepping through the pro wrestling ropes against the imposing Braun Strowman.

Adding to the intrigue of this showdown is that the 'Gypsy King' is still very much active in his sport as lineal champion. Many boxing bettors are questioning why he would choose to get involved in a physical encounter with the “Monster Among Men” with a big money clash against rival Deontay Wilder on the horizon.

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Fury Fighting In Squared Circle

Fury, a WWE fan, planted the seeds to face Strowman after an encounter during the debut episode of Friday night SmackDown on Fox. He has since appeared on Raw and at a Crown Jewel press conference in Las Vegas.

The question remains if this is just a one-and-done, but even NBA superstar Dennis Rodman and NFL standout Kevin Greene couldn’t stay away after getting a taste of competing before a passionate WWE crowd. Fury has also expressed interest in giving MMA a run, wanting to train with fellow controversial fighter Conor McGregor.

The polarizing Fury was at the WWE Performance Center gearing up for his Crown Jewel adversary when Strowman showed up to bring more heat to their match. Despite being a novice when it comes to pro wrestling, odds lean to betting on Fury to defeat Strowman at -625 on 888sport.

This makes sense considering WWE history in which most celebrities and sports figures don’t agree to work unless they get to win. Though the collision isn’t expected to go long as odds are also pointing at -200 on 888sport for less than 10 minutes of action.

Cain Velasquez Also Competing At Crown Jewel

UFC bettors will have interest in this event as well, with all signs pointing to the WWE championship match between title holder Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez getting more time than Fury's match at -265 with 888sport. The story to play out is the “Beast Incarnate” looking to avenge his loss to Velasquez in the UFC octagon almost 10 years ago at UFC 121.

A scar reminds Lesnar of the heavyweight title loss. The TKO finish is something that has been eating at him since.

By the same token, Velasquez — who dazzled fans with his past matches in top Mexican promotion Lucha Libre AAA — is fighting for his injured mentor Rey Mysterio. Lesnar beat up the legendary performer and his son in recent weeks.

Odds see Lesnar retaining the crown with -190 on 888sport. In comparison with Fury, there is no question audiences will get to watch Velasquez fight another day since he reportedly signed a multi-year commitment with WWE. Knowing this, there is a slight possibility a disqualification or some other non-decisive finish will take place to open the door to another round between the two.

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