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Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario Review & Updates May 2024

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The Ontario sports betting market is now open to private operators , one of the most familiar sportsbooks in the region, are among the legal Ontario sports betting sites.

The Coolbet Sportsbook launched in 2016 in Europe and it has since become one of the top sportsbooks in all of Canada (it had been operating in the legal gray area that Canadian law allows for offshore sportsbooks since 2019 before going live in Ontario's regulated market). Founded by Jan Svendsen, Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook prides itself on being "the most transparent sportsbook online." That's not all: It has won Mobile Sports Product of the Year at International Gaming Awards in London three straight years.

That's because the Coolbet Ontario site is designed with the user in mind as it features great odds on a variety of sports, and it makes sure to be as transparent about every aspect of the sportsbook. Unlike some other sportsbooks who try and make things ambiguous to their customers, Coolbet Sportsbook prides itself on being fully transparent about everything (we'll explain exactly how they do that later).

And now, with legalized betting in Ontario, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is a sports betting staple in the biggest province in Canada. Our review on Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario will see us cover every aspect of this sportsbook. We know you have questions, and we have the answers.

Legalized sports betting's popularity is exploding in Canada, specifically in Ontario. Read on and learn all about Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario as you make an informed decision on whether to bet online with this Top Canadian Sportsbook.

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Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario Review & Launch Details

🥇 Best For Progressive Web App
📲 Coolbet Sportsbook App Ontario Not available
🏀 Available Sports Hockey, Football, NBA, MMA, Golf, Lacrosse, Rugby, & more
💳 Minimum Deposit $10
⌚️ Withdrawal Time Up to 3 days
🖊️ Who is Eligible 19+ located in Ontario
✔️ Licenced By Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Top Ontario Sportsbook Common Features

Some of the things that sports bettors in Ontario need to look for from the best sports betting sites in Ontario include the following:

User Experience: Ontario bettors need a sportsbook that offers a great user experience. That means making the website and/or app easy to use, offering competitive odds on a number of markets, having easy banking, and good welcome offers, all of which are important for Ontario bettors.

Ease of Banking: Bettors need a sportsbook that has easy and convenient banking, meaning that it is simple to get your funds in and hassle-free to get your funds out. It is also really important that there are numerous deposit methods using the most popular payment methods.

Competitive Odds: It goes without saying that we need a sportsbook with competitive betting odds. Margins are tight in sports betting so it's also important to get the best line for your bets. Sportsbooks need to offer competitive odds or customers will choose to bet elsewhere instead.

Many Sports Offered: It's important that there is a wide selection of sports offered. There are so many sports being played all over the world every single day, and sports bettors want to be able to bet on all of them, so it's key Ontario players get to bet on as many markets as possible.

Safety and Security: If you are putting money into a sportsbook account, then you want to make sure the sportsbook prides itself on safety and security. The best sportsbooks pride themselves on safety and security and don't cut corners when it comes to your funds.

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Top Features at Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook

Coolbet Sportsook Ontario offers several standout features for its users. Three of the top features at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario that we especially liked are the following:

Progressive Web App For The Mobile Experience

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario doesn't have a dedicated sports betting app, but the website is fully optimized for the mobile experience, something that they call a progressive web app. The results have been fantastic, evidence by their run of three straight Mobile Sports Product of the Year awards. We mentioned transparency and here's what we mean: Coolbet Ontario is one of the only sportsbooks we've come across that shows the "turnover" (or amount of money bet on each event) on its mobile interface. There's also the added benefit of having integrated Coolbet Ontario online casinos functionality.

Wide Variety of Sports Betting Markets

You can bet on pretty much every sport imaginable at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario. From popular leagues like the NHL and MLB to less popular markets like snooker and handball, you can bet on pretty much any sports market that you can think of at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario. There is also an awesome "Build Your Bet" feature that allows you to customize markets and get unique odds for your ideal wager.

Live Betting

The live betting at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is great. There are live betting options available for plenty of different sports so you'll be able to bet on all of your favorite games in-play. Coolbet Ontario doesn't offer live-streaming video to go along with its live-betting interface, but it has the next best thing: if you click on the "Live Bet" bar, you'll be able to follow in real time on a digitally re-created field, court, or football "pitch" which displays game details up-to-the-second.

Sports betting has existed in the province of Ontario for years through the OLG via Proline website, but there was a huge caveat attached to that. Up until recently, there was no legalized single event wagering in Ontario, meaning Ontario bettors had to place bets on parlays featuring multiple sports teams.

However, after Bill C-218 was passed in 2021 by the regulatory bodies in the country of Canada, single event wagering is now allowed in the province of Ontario. When April 4, 2022 comes around, there will be plenty of new sportsbook wagering operators for you to place wagers on -- and yes, that include single-event betting.

After receiving its Ontario iGaming license to run a sportsbook and casino in Ontario, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is now taking bets.

There are a huge variety of sportsbooks for Ontario bettors to join, which is why it's so important for you to do your research for all of these sportsbooks before you deposit your hard-earned money into your account and start betting on sports. We are interested in finding the best sites online for sports betting as we take a deeper look into the legal sports betting sites in Ontario, including, of course, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario.

How to Sign Up for Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario

Getting signed up to Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is easy to do. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Go to the Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario website and register for a new account

  2. Once your account is created, make your first deposit into your sportsbook account

  3. Once your deposit gets into your account, start betting on your favorite sports!

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook Betting Options and Market Coverage

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario offers a wide selection of bet types for its customers. Below, we will go through some of the different bet types that you can make on this betting site.

Bet Types Available

Here are all the different types of bets you can make at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario:

  • Spread Bets - Spread bets mean your team has to win by a certain amount of points or lose by a certain amount of points to win your bet. For example, say the Toronto Raptors are a -2.5 betting favorite to beat the LA Lakers. If the Raptors win by three points or more, you win your bet. But if the Lakers lose by only two points or less, or if they win the game, then you lose your bet.

  • Moneyline - A moneyline bet is the odds on a team winning or lose a sporting event. For example, the Toronto Maple Leafs might be a -200 favorite to defeat the Ottawa Senators in the NHL, who are +150 underdog. That means the Leafs are 2-to-1 favorites to win the game, meaning you'd have to bet $200 to win $100. If you put $100 on the Senators and they come through with the upset, however, you would win $150.

  • Over/Under - The over/under bet refers to either the total amount of points scored in a game or the rounds in combat sports like MMA and boxing. For example, the over/under in a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game might be set at 5.5 goals. If six goals are scored, the over would hit, while five or fewer goals sees the under hit. In MMA, title fights are set for five rounds, and the majority of the over/unders for those fights are set at 4.5 rounds. That means if the fight ends under 4.5 rounds, the under hits, while the fight going over 4.5 rounds is the over.

  • Parlays - Parlay bets are when you string together multiple teams or players into a single bet. This can be done by stringing together bets from the same sport or multiple sports. For example, you could make a two-team parlay with the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Blue Jays. You can also make a same-game parlay where you bet on multiple outcomes from the same game, for example picking the winning team and also the "Over."

  • Player/Team Props - Props are bets about a specific outcome or event taking place during a sports game. For example, a prop on Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit a home run is an example of a player prop. A prop on the Toronto Blue Jays to score 5+ runs in a single game is an example of a team prop. There are prop bets for almost every sport imaginable.

  • Future Bets - Future bets are bets you place now but do not convert until the future. For example, you could place a future bet on the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series right now at +1000 odds. The odds will be much lower in the future if they have a good season, so there is potentially huge value that you can extract from these future bets.

  • Alternate Lines - Alternate lines feature a different line from the normal moneyline or spread. For example, a team in March Madness might be -3 to beat another CBB team. However, an alternate line of the same team winning be -7 points might be available at better odds, and if it happens to come through you would get a much better payout.

Sports Markets Offered by Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook

Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook offers an enormous amount of markets. In fact, Coolbet Ontario stacks up very well against the more well-known books in this regard. The list of markets offered at Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook include all of the following sports:

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • NHL

  • Other Hockey Leagues (AHL, etc.)

  • MLB

  • PGA

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball



  • Rugby

  • Boxing

  • MMA (UFC)

  • Darts

  • Summer Olympics

  • Winter Olympics

  • Esports

  • Tennis

  • Lacrosse

  • Rally

  • Squash

  • Table Tennis

  • Futsal

  • Handball

  • Politics

  • Australian Rules

  • Cricket

  • Horse Racing

  • Snooker

  • Speedway

  • Floorball

As we said, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario takes a backseat to practically no other sportsbook in terms of markets offered. You can pretty much bet on any sport that you can think of here, so regardless of what your favorite sport to bet on is, you'll find it here.

Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook vs. Other Ontario Sportsbooks

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is absolutely one of the top sportsbook options in the Canadian province of Ontario. When you compare Coolbet Sportsbook to more sportsbooks in Ontario, there are certain things that make it stand out from the field.

For one, it's a distinctly Canadian product with branding including the polar bear, one of the animals that people most associate with Canada. It also has the advantage of understanding the Canadian market. Before it joined Ontario's regulated market, Coolbet had been operating in Canada since 2019 (Canadian law has a gray area when it comes to offshore books).

Overall, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is a good option compared to other sportsbooks such as FanDuel Ontario Sportsbook and Pointsbet Ontario Sportsbook. The mobile experience is far superior and the fact they are so transparent builds good will with bettors. All of the above leads an excellent betting experience for Ontario bettors.

Ontario Coolbet Sportsbook App Launch Details

There is no specific Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario app. There was an app a few years ago, but the company decided to make its website fully optimized for mobile devices instead. Who can argue with the results, which have been Mobile Sports Product of the Year three years running.

Coolbet Spotsbook Ontario call its website a progressive web app, meaning the site is fully streamlined for the web. Even though there is no app, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario says the website is actually faster than what an app would have been. Overall, the mobile website works great and the games are all the same.

What makes Coolbet Sportsbook Stand out

  • Distinctly Canadian feel: With a logo that features a polar bear, the branding at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is distinctly Canadian and makes you feel like you are betting with a company that caters to Canada and Ontario players.

  • Great odds: Although some features are potentially not as great at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario than others, the site makes up for it by offering great odds for online betting users who want to wager on sports. Compared to other sites, the odds are good if not better here.

  • Looks out for the bettor: Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario prides itself on its transparency. Compared to other sportsbooks, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is more honest than other when it comes to things like the percentage of bets coming in on one side, for example.

Download Coolbet Ontario Betting App

There is no dedicated Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook betting app. However, the website itself is complete optimized for the mobile experienced, something they call a 'progressive web app.' Go to the Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario website and the website will be fully optimized for your mobile device. There was a dedicated mobile app a few years ago, but it does not exist anymore.

⭐ Apple App Store Score N/A
⭐ Google Play Score N/A

What iOS Users Are Saying

There is no dedicated Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook app, although the website is completely optimized for the mobile experience. From our experience, it worked great on an iOS device. One of the other things Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook recommends you do is go to the website and the add it to your home screen, which basically makes it function like a quasi-app.

What Android Users Are Saying

There is no specific Coolbet Ontario Sportbook app, although the Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook is full optimized for all mobile device, including Android devices. The website is fast on Android and you can add the site to your home screen so you can get there in one click.

Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook Safety and Security

Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook prides itself on its user safety and security. The site uses 128-Bit encryption to keep all of your information stored safely. What encryption means is your data is scrambled so it's illegible to hackers when its transmitted from server to server. Coolbet Ontario sportsbook regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. It recommends you choose a hard-to-guess password when you create your account. And as always, remember to never share your password with anyone else.

Banking Options for Coolbet Ontario Users

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario offers a number of deposit methods for its users. The banking methods listed on its site for Canadian players include the following:

The minimum deposit is $10, and all five of these deposit methods are processed instantly. As far as payouts go, all of these methods work, plus bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal is for $20 and the processing time ranges from instant to up to three days for all the methods.

Coolbet Ontario Payout Options

💳 Coolbet Online Banking Withdrawal Time 1-3 Business Days
💳 Coolbet Skrill Withdrawal Time Instantly at Participating ATMs
💳 Coolbet Neteller Withdrawal Time Instantly at Participating ATMs

Customer Support Coolbet Sports Ontario

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario offers several avenues to get in touch with customer support. First off, it's worth noting customer support is available 24/7, which is a nice departure from other sportsbooks we've reviewed. While there's no phone support, there is both live chat and email options. For live chat, simply click on the 'contact' button on the main page and then click on 'live chat.'

We were pleasantly surprised to discover the average queue time is only 15 seconds for the live chat. If you want to email them, the email address is [email protected]. The average response time for an email is two hours. You could alternatively send them a direct message on Twitter @coolbetcanada as their DMs are open.

Pros & Cons - Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook

Award-winning mobile experience
More transparent than most sportsbooks
Wide variety of sports betting markets and great odds offered on them
Great live betting options
Easy banking including fast deposits and quick withdrawals
No live streaming of games
No customer support via the phone

Coolbet Ontario Online Casino

In addition to the Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook, there is also the Coolbet ontario online casino that is part of the website. The casino is quite good as there are hundreds of slots games available to play, not to mention table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, and even video poker.

One of the best things about the Coolbet Ontario Online Casino is that it is fully transparent in terms of the RTP (return to play percentage) for the games as each game on the site shows you the RTP. This is very helpful as it helps users pick the games with the best RTP.

Our Final Verdict of Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario

There is no doubt Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is one of the top options for Canadian bettors. One thing that benefits Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is that it has already developed a foothold in the province, since prior to joining the Ontario market it had been operating in Canada since 2019 (due to a legal gray area surrounding offshore books).

Coolbet Ontario offers market-leading odds, a great user experience and cool live-betting features that let you follow along with the action. Add to that the fact Coolbet Ontario offers easy banking and terrific customer service, and it's easy to see why Coolbet Sportsbook is an excellent option for Ontario bettors.

All of that said, there's one thing that really stood out to us during this review. Above all else, the branding (the polar bear logo is distinctly Canadian), the bells and whistles, and the awesome live betting there's this fact: Coolbet Ontario is one of the most transparent sportsbooks in the industry - it truly cares deeply about doing right by bettors. We highly recommend checking out this top Ontario sportsbook.

Responsible Gaming

Sports betting is fun, but it can be addictive, so it’s important to remember to play responsibly. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is committed to helping Ontarians understand the importance of responsible gaming. Here are a few tips to help promote responsible gaming:

  • Always bet what you can afford (or less) to lose

  • Avoid “chasing” your losses (i.e. betting more on the next game)

  • Set time limits on your gambling

Every sportsbook offers bettors the ability to put themselves on a self-exclusion list, which will prevent them from betting for a period of time. Connex Ontario is committed to helping with mental health, addiction and problem gambling. If you, or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-866-531-2600 or visit https://www.connexontario.ca/en-ca/.

Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario FAQ

Is Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook legal?

Yes, Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario is completely legal for Ontario residents aged 19 and older. Coolbet Ontario is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

How to sign up on the Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook App?

It's easy to get signed up with Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook. Go to the website and then click on 'register' and create your account. Fill in all the necessary details, get signed up, make your first deposit, and then start betting on sports at Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook.

Is there a Coolbet Ontario Betting app?

There is no dedicated Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook betting app. However, the website has been fully optimized for the mobile experience - and what an experience it is (3x Mobile Sports Product of the Year winner).

How old do I need to be to bet on the Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook?

The legal sports betting age in Ontario is 19 years old. Therefore, anyone 19 and over can bet at Coolbet Sportsbook Ontario.

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