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Donald Trump Odds & Prop Bets From Self-Pardon To Russia

Donald Trump Odds & Prop Bets From Self-Pardon To Russia

One of the best ways to get the temperature of what Europeans think of American politics is to look at the political prop bets market, for while the 2020 U.S. Presidential race it is life-and-death serious here, for them it is largely sport – heck, they can bet on just like a rugby or soccer match.

While the Presidential odds reflect both where money is being wagered and how bookmakers view the state of the race, prop bets sometimes offer more of a social commentary on the state of US politics. That's especially true with Donald Trump prop bets. Note that legal US sportsbooks cannot offer political odds – yet.

So while some of these may seem absurd, they are interesting, especially some of these Trump props currently offered at Ladbrokes UK-facing betting site.

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Trump Odds & Prop Bets

Prop BetOdds
Trump to win any state not won in 2016 +200
Trump to lose popular vote but be re-elected +250
Trump to officially pardon himself +400
No Presidential election held in 2020 +600
Trump to win over 40 states +1000
Trump to be in Russia on Feb. 1, 2021 +3300
Trump to be sitting President on Feb. 1, 2025 in third term +5000

Odds via Ladbrokes as of August 12

Trump To Win State Not Won In 2016 (+200)

An interesting line. If you believe Trump is most likely to win in New Hampshire, a state he didn’t win in 2016, these odds are better than the +180 for Republicans to win The Granite State. However, Trump odds to take Nevada (+275), Maine (+325) or Minnesota (+325) are considerably worse.

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Trump To Lose Popular Vote But Get Re-Elected (+250)

Most pundits believe Trump will again lose the popular vote, as the latest odds have Democrats at -455 to have the higher total and +275 for Trump. But, if you believe he still will get re-elected, this is the most realistic scenario that also has better odds than the +125 he currently is offering to win.

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Trump To Officially Pardon Himself (+400)

Can’t happen you say? Well, it never has, and even if Trump does pardon himself, there’s no guarantee it won’t hold up in court. And it’s not like norms have ever stopped Trump before. There’s a reason oddsmakers give this prop better odds than for Trump to win Nevada.

No Presidential Election Held In 2020 (+600)

There’s a prop for this, too. For perspective, oddsmakers give Biden a better chance of winning Alaska (+500) than for this to occur. But 2020 has been anything but predictable.

Trump To Win Over 40 States (+1000)

Trump won 30 states in 2016. In order to get to 40, he would not only need to keep the states he already flipped (Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania) but add 10 more. In terms of odds, the order from most to least likely is: New Hampshire, Nevada, Minnesota, Maine, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey and Oregon, plus one of Washington , Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts.

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Trump to be in Russia on Feb. 1, 2021 (+3300)

The prop doesn’t indicate why Trump would be in Russia, whether it be for a business trip or a move. But the political commentary speaks for itself.

Trump to Be Sitting President on Feb. 1, 2025 In Third Term (+5000)

The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits a third term, so read into this prop what you will about the Europeans’ thoughts on the current state of US politics.