WynnBET Louisiana Promo Code and Review Dec 2021

WynnBet Louisiana Review and Promo Code Dec 2021

With Wynnbet sign-up currently unavailable, the BetMGM Sportsbook Louisiana is where we recommend Louisiana visitors to go. The WynnBet Sportsbook Louisiana is currently not accepting sign-ups through affiliates.

BetMGM Sportsbook NY

BetMGM is one of the top sportsbooks in the state as they offer one of the best welcome bonuses. The BetMGM Sportsbook leads the pack in user experience, customer service, and live betting. Also, BetMGM Louisiana automatically enrolls their users to the M Life loyalty program which is one more reason for you to check their website and register today.


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WynnBET Louisiana has arrived, and that's great news for bettors in The Pelican State. After the state passed a bill to legalize sports betting, WynnBET was quick to earn a license. It's one of our favorite online sportsbooks to review thanks to its outstanding sign-up bonus, a user experience that can't be beat and multiple customer support options that give bettors everything they need at their fingertips, whether they're on the website or mobile app platform. Backed by a massive brand in Las Vegas, we have no doubt that WynnBET Louisiana will continue to be a staple for bettors. Read on to learn about any WynnBET Louisiana bonus code you might need when signing up.

Pros and Cons

New bettors receive a WynnBET LA $1,000 risk-free bet
User experience is smooth, easy to use at WynBET Louisiana
Live-betting options at WynBET Louisiana
Promotions and contests are lacking
Lack of a rewards program

WynnBET LA Sportsbook Offers

Based on our experience, bettors will want to sign up with WynnBET LA as soon as they can. That's because the sportsbook is offering all new bettors a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. Bettors will need to deposit at least $20 and use the WynnBET bonus code Louisiana where applicable, and they must make their first qualifying bet within 10 days of signing up. If that first bet loses, WynnBET will match the wager in the form of free bets. It's an outstanding sign-up bonus, and bettors will want to really take advantage of it since they can only use it one time. Max out the WynnBET LA free bet offer if you can.


Risk Free Bet up to $1,000 - Promo Code: BOOKIES

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Where to find the best WynnBET Promo Codes for LA?

You won't need to look far to find the best WynnBET LA bonus code. Bookies.com is always reviewing and verifying Louisiana sports betting promo codes and updating, so you can feel comfortable knowing you're getting the absolute best promo code that gets you the most money in free bets and deposit bonuses. That includes the WynnBET promo code Louisiana bettors need.

Additional Promotions by WynnBET Sportsbook in Louisiana

As if the $1,000 risk-free bet weren't enough, WynnBET also has a handful of other promos available to all bettors. Our favorite promotion is the "Win Hour," which gives bettors reduced juice and odds boosts throughout the sports season each Thursday. We expect that WynnBET will continue to add boosts, reduced juice and contests and tournaments as they continue to expand.

Additional Promotions by WynnBET Sportsbook in Louisiana

As if the $1,000 risk-free bet weren't enough, WynnBET also has a handful of other promos available to all bettors. Our favorite promotion is the "Win Hour," which gives bettors reduced juice and odds boosts throughout the sports season each Thursday. We expect that WynnBET will continue to add boosts, reduced juice and contests and tournaments as they continue to expand.

Available Sports to Bet on at WynnBET Louisiana

Bettors at WynnBET Louisiana will have just about every sport they can imagine to bet on. Of course, it's got the big-time markets such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and major soccer leagues, as well as golf, tennis, UFC, boxing and motorsports. However, bettors won't find options if they want to start playing less traditional markets. Available sports at WynnBET LA:

Whether bettors want to get aggressive and place a wager on an NFL futures market such as the Saints to win the Super Bowl, or sprinkle some money on the LSU Tigers to win the SEC, they'll have that option at WynnBET. If they're getting tired of the major sports, they'll also be able to find options with lesser-known sports that have competitive odds compared to other sportsbooks.

WynnBET Sportsbook LA provides bettors with bets on all the major sports markets. Whatever you're looking for, this operator will have it. With dozens of markets and hundreds of different bets within those markets, bettors won't be wanting for options on the WynnBET LA sports betting site. Here are some of the most common types of bets:

  • Straight Bets: These are the most traditional types of bets to make. They include the standard point spread on a given matchup. For example, the New Orleans Pelicans being +5 underdogs against the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Total Lines: A totals line is the number of points or runs that oddsmakers believe will be scored between the two teams. Bettors place bets on whether the actual number will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the total set by betting sites. For example, the Saints-Falcons having a total set at 47.5.
  • Moneylines: A moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game outright. All games have lines that include a favorite and an underdog. A favorite has minus odds (the Pelicans being -200 to win a game vs. the Kings) and an underdog has plus odds (the LSU Tigers at +250 underdogs against Alabama).
  • Parlay Bets: A parlay is a combination of multiple bets that create more lucrative odds for bettors. The caveat with parlays is that all legs must be successful in order for the parlay to cash. If a bettor wins five legs of a parlay but the sixth is a loss, no money is awarded.
  • Futures Bets: Not all bets are placed on individual games. Futures bets allow bettors to make wagers on events happening (or not happening) by season's end, such as a specific team to win a certain number of games, a player to win Sixth Man of the Year or a team to miss the postseason.
  • Prop Bets: A prop bet is a bet within the game but not on the outcome of a game. Examples include a Saints player to score a touchdown, an NBA player to score over 22.5 points or for a player to hit a home run. There are also team props such as the first team to 10 points, a team to record under 2.5 sacks or over 10.5 3-pointers.
  • Whether bettors are interested in placing an NBA futures bet on Zion Williamson to win NBA MVP or simply want to place a traditional bet on the Saints to cover their home opener against the Panthers, WynnBET gives bettors more options than they could dream of. You'll always have a bet that piques your interest at WynnBET.


    Risk Free Bet up to $1,000 - Promo Code: BOOKIES

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    WynnBET Louisiana Sportsbook Features

    WynnBET Louisiana offers some outstanding features that all bettors can take advantage of as soon as they sign up. Here are some of our favorites and how bettors can maximize them. They aren't necessarily unique to WynnBET, but we love to see that they're available here to improve the experience for all bettors.

    WynnBET Live Betting

    It's true that all the best online sports betting sites have live betting at this point. But WynnBET Louisiana goes further than that, promoting its live betting in multiple spots on its website and mobile app. While some betting apps make their bettors seek out these live markets, it's featured prominently in multiple spots. It's a little thing, but it's a super nice touch for bettors who like to bet in-game.

    Bet Cash Outs At WynnBET

    Ever had a bad beat? Ever watch the final few minutes of a game wishing you could cash out a certain percentage of your win and get out? At WynnBET, you'll have the option of cashing out of bets based on how the bet is looking at that particular time. It won't always be available if your bet is all but determined, but it will be there for most of the event.

    WynnBET Odds Boost

    Odds boosts, free bets and reduced juice are available at WynnBET LA sportsbook on certain markets during big matchups, and the "Win Hour" each Thursday is something bettors will want to take advantage of when possible. The "promotions" tab on the home page will give bettors access to any current odds boost on the site or mobile app.

    Will WynnBET LA Allow Same-Game Parlays?

    Same-game parlays are becoming more and more common among sportsbooks, and we hope WynnBET will follow in the near future. Normal parlays spread out among multiple games are allowed, and we're hoping same-game parlays will follow.

    Create a WynnBET Betting Account in LA

    New bettors will need to follow four simple steps to create a WynnBET LA login and account. We're fans of how they want their players to have easy access to registration and to spend more time betting and less time signing up. Here's what you'll need to do to create an account and collect your WynnBET bonus LA signup offer.

    1. Provide your email address and create a unique username and password
    2. Enter your name, date of birth, phone number and the last four Social Security digits to verify you are old enough to bet in Louisiana
    3. Provide your mailing address
    4. Select a banking method for your withdrawal and deposit, deposit at least $20, collect your welcome offer and start placing bets

    Banking with WynnBET LA

    Because WynnBET is such a major brand, it's no surprise that bettors will have tons of different options to use for depositing funds and withdrawing winnings.


    Risk Free Bet up to $1,000 - Promo Code: BOOKIES

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    Making a Deposit

    WynnBET LA wants you using their sportsbooks, so depositing money is a breeze. Among the different methods that bettors have to place money into their accounts include PayPal, online banking such as IberiaBank, the WynnBET Play+ debit card, debit and credit cards and e-check. All deposited funds may be used immediately, which is great for bettors.

    Cashing Out Your Winnings

    Bettors will be able to easily withdraw their funds with WynnBET. Though they'll have fewer options than some other sportsbooks, bettors will have these options available: PayPal, online banking, e-check or the WynnBET Play+ card. You will also be able to go to an affiliated casino cashier cage.

    Louisiana Ongoing Contests and Tournaments

    There aren't too many cons with WynnBET, but their contests and tournaments could be improved. There aren't any true free-to-play contests that bettors can take advantage of if they want to do something other than traditional bets. We expect that they'll eventually offer these as some of their competitors do, but for now there isn't much to see here.

    WynnBET LA Sportsbook Rewards/ Loyalty Program

    WynnBET's online sports betting product is still relatively new to the betting scene, so we're not too concerned about their subpar rewards program. They call it LIVE! Rewards, and players receive chips for different bets they make that can be redeemed for wheel spins. Those wheel spins can return bonuses that include odds boosts, free bets and other deals.

    User Experience

    The first thing bettors will notice when they arrive at WynnBET is the excellent set-up of the website and mobile app. Everything is easy to find thanks to a clean layout that is organized so players can find exactly what the markets they want to bet on. Betslips populate effectively in the middle of the page, and odds update in real time (red when odds worsen, green when odds get better).

    Pages can take a little long to load, which could have an effect on live betting, but otherwise it's nothing that should change the user experience. We'd also like to see WynnBET LA promotions a little easier to find. Other mobile sports betting apps do a much better job of promoting deals for bettors. Overall, WynnBET has a crisp layout that bettors will enjoy.


    Risk Free Bet up to $1,000 - Promo Code: BOOKIES

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    WynnBET LA Mobile Betting App

    The WynnBET LA app is available for both Apple and Android users, and bettors will get the same feeling and experience that they get on the desktop website. All available betting markets are listed on the home page, as is a search bar that should make finding additional markets or help functions an easy process.

    Each promotion is listed in a scrolling banner at the top of the home page, which is ironic because they're featured more prominently on the WynnBET LA sportsbook app than the website. Live betting is also featured, which is a nice touch compared to other apps we've reviewed that don't always show live odds. It's a great platform for all new and existing users to download and use.

    WynnBET Louisiana Legislation & History

    Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a sports betting bill into law in June 2021, months after it got voter approval in November 2020. Hurricane Ida delayed some of the timing on sportsbooks and online sportsbooks getting up and running, but the state now has legal sports betting in 55 of its 64 parishes. Louisiana Legal sports betting launched in November 2021.

    WynnBET LA Betting Site

    Some sportsbooks we've reviewed need fancy websites with loud color schemes, graphics with personalities taking up half the screen, and animations to show off their perks and promotions. Not with WynnBET. What you see is what you get. It's neat, organized and easy to navigate. Betslips populate effectively, account information is accessible, and deposit and withdrawal access is easy.

    Live betting is featured prominently, and betting markets are easy to toggle between, thanks to a nicely laid-out left rail. We don't have any issues with the betting site that WynnBET Lousiana offers. You won't, either.

    Security and Safety Offered By WynnBET LA

    It's natural for bettors to wonder about how safe and secure their information is on betting sites. But they won't need to worry at WynnBET LA, as the website and mobile app are encrypted to keep things like card numbers and personal information safe and secure. WynnBET Louisiana is backed by a strong brand, so you can feel comfortable sharing and storing information. Of course. we'll always recommend that bettors use strong passwords for additional security.

    WynnBET Louisiana Customer Support

    We like everything that WynnBET LA sports betting site and app has to offer. But glitches will happen from time to time, meaning a stout customer support function is imperative for any sportsbook. Lucky for WynnBET users, they'll find exactly that. A live chat function is available 24/7/365, and for less pressing matters bettors can call a customer support phone number or send them an email, both of which have solid response times. It's flexible, quick and helpful. WynnBET Louisiana has one of the best customer support teams on any online sportsbook we've reviewed.

    WynnBET New Orleans Saints NFL Betting

    The state of Louisiana loves its New Orleans Saints, and WynnBET Saints bettors will have plenty of options on gameday with WynnBET. The sportsbook will have hundreds of different player and game props, all the traditional spread, total, and moneyline bets, as well as NFL futures bets like the Saints' odds to win the NFC South or Super Bowl, or Alvin Kamara to lead the league in touchdowns.


    Risk Free Bet up to $1,000 - Promo Code: BOOKIES

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    WynnBET LSU Tigers NCAA Betting

    Bettors can wager on college sports, and we expect WynnBET LSU Tigers football betting to be robust. Whether it's a futures bet on them to win the SEC or the national championship, or a late live bet on them to earn a last-minute victory over the Crimson Tide, bettors in Louisiana will have the chance to place a wager on the Tigers with WynnBET.

    WynnBET Live Streaming Louisiana

    WynnBET currently does not offer any live-streaming services. We don't think that's too big of a deal considering most of the major markets they provide odds on are on television. Perhaps we'll see it in the future as WynnBET expands, but don't let their lack of live-streaming options deter you from using them.

    WynnBET Casino LA

    WynnBET does not have an online casino in Louisiana; while that may happen in the future (like they've already have a casino in Michigan), online casino gaming is not legal in the state like sports betting.

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    Our Expert Opinion on WynnBET Sportsbook Louisiana

    Bettors in Louisiana will like what they see with the WynnBET LA sportsbook. WynnBET Louisiana promo codes that give them up to a $1,000 risk-free bet is as good as it gets, and we love what the mobile app has to offer in addition to a strong customer support function, competitive odds and an overall smooth experience no matter what platform you're using the sportsbook on.

    WynnBET Sportsbook Louisiana FAQ

    Is WynnBET legal in LA?

    Yes, WynnBET was one of the first sportsbooks to gain market access in Louisiana in September 2021 with an eye on a November launch.

    Does WynnBET LA have an app?

    Yes, WynnBET Louisiana features a mobile app in addition to its website. In some states, WynnBET only launched as an app. Bettors can download the WynnBET mobile app for both Apple and Android.

    How old do I have to be to bet on WynnBET Sportsbook in LA?

    All bettors must be at least 21 years old to bet at WynnBET sportsbook in Louisiana. Bettors will need to verify their age by providing the last four digits of their Social Security number.

    Is there a WynnBET Louisiana promo code?

    Yes, WynnBET Louisiana's promo code will give bettors a $1,000 risk-free bet at the sportsbook.

    How can I contact WynnBET LA if I have questions?

    Bettors in need of customer support can contact WynnBET Louisiana three different ways: A live chat available 24/7, as well as via telephone from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET and email.

    Does WynnBET Louisiana offer live betting?

    Yes, the WynnBET mobile app and website offer some of the best in-game betting options for most major sports markets.

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