How the TwinSpires Welcome Bonus Works & Review

The wagering service is granting new users a fantastic offer in the form of a $100 Sign Up Bonus for all those who register on

Bettors need only wager $500 within 30 days of signing up to unlock the bonus which is a comparatively fantastic deal. Other sites and sportsbooks will require players to wager anywhere from 10X to 50 or even 60X their original deposit.

Deposit Options and other Features

The site personally recommends the EZmoney method of depositing as the electronic check service is “the fastest, most convenient way to deposit money into your TwinSpires account.

EZ Pay is far from the only way to deposit, however, as the site employs a host of different services including MoneyGram, GreenDot, PayNearMe, PayPal, EZbank and the more traditional methods of checks, money orders, bank wire deposits and finally credit and debit cards.

Any other benefits?

TwinSpires offers other benefits to users including not charging subscription fees and providing free Brisnet Past Performances. The site offers live video race streaming and replays and free enrollment in TSC Elite which it touts as “the best player rewards program in horse racing.”

The site provides real time racing information including odds, will-pays, program changes, track conditions and results. These are essential factors for most bettors and are expertly brought to customers in the comfort of home.

Account holders also receive free past performance and insider picks as well as power plays every single day after wagering on the site. The daily picks and information are provided via a downloadable PDF.

Refer a friend for a bonus...

There’s one more fun offer to take advantage for TwinSpires bettors, as if they refer friends to the site and get them to sign up, they’ll receive $50 in credit on top of the $100 their friend will receive.

Just as if they were taking in a day at the track, bettors have the option to place straight wagers, exactas, trifectas, daily doubles, pick 3 and pick 4 bets on races all around the country and world.

Pros and Cons

The sites offers some of the best odds you’ll find online at any sportsbook or internet wagering service and bettors have the distinct opportunity to bet in four different ways. Plus the in-depth coverage of both domestic and international horse races every day makes TwinSpires a prime destination for racing enthusiasts the world over.

There are two major cons when analyzing TwinSpires. The site has no mobile application and thus must be accessed and utilized via a laptop or other computer. Also, the sites is less a traditional “sportsbook” and more a specific race horse betting centric product as horse racing is the only real market available.

That specialization, however, makes TwinSpires an unequivocal leader in online horse race betting which is what one would reasonably expect from a brand as ubiquitous as Churchill Downs Incorporated.

TwinSpires Mobile

Just because TwinSpires doesn’t have a designated app doesn’t mean there’s no way to bet to your heart’s content on a mobile phone.

A fully functional and easy-to-use microsite greets mobile users with web browsing capabilities. It greets customers with all the available amenities and features they can find on the desktop site.

The aforementioned access to real time race information and, shifting odds, results and exclusive betting offers is all there on the mobile version of the service.

That makes up quite convincingly for the lack of an official app, which would still be preferable in the future, but is not as pressing a need as would be initially thought.