Golf Futures Betting

Its name may sound a little space-agey, but there’s nothing futuristic about futures betting on golf. Robots won’t do the wagering for you — or, at least not yet. The term applies simply to advance bets made on tournaments that are coming up, typically big ones like the majors or other premier events. It’s a fun way to get a little early action on competitions like the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, or the Ryder Cup.

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Future Odds on Golf Tournaments

The beauty of futures odds on golf is that they allow bettors to jump on a player carrying odds that are much more favorable than they might be in the immediate run-up to the event. Take the 2019 season, for example, and how hot players like Paul Casey (+3300) or Bryson DeChambeau (+2000) were showing alluring odds for the Open Championship months before the tournament. That’s in the neighborhood where Francesco Molinari was before heading to Carnoustie in 2018, and he wound up with the Claret Jug.

Given that golf futures odds operate like moneyline bets, that means each $100 wagered on Casey would earn $3330 should he replicate Molinari’s feat. Some books offer golf futures in a fractional format, such as 10/1 — meaning that every dollar wagered would return $10 should the chosen player win the event. The rub here is that you’re picking a tournament winner, which can be quite difficult in an age featuring so many great young stars, and where starting fields can number more than 150 players.

The essentials of research, such as knowing a player’s strengths and how they fit a certain course, remain vital, as does getting the best betting tips here at But in the majors especially, the sport’s biggest names often rise to the top, making those events perhaps a tick more predictable than your average PGA tournament on any given week.

Futures can also be found on regular PGA Tour events, depending on the sportsbook, with the knowledge that those fields don’t fully come together until days before the tournament tees off. Betting golf futures odds within that tighter timeframe, though, does allow a bettor to more effectively judge how a player is performing entering the event, and perhaps better guard against injuries. And you don’t have to pick just players — future odds are also typically available for major golf team events, such as the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup and the Walker Cup.

Shopping around is vital, given that individual sports books can view golf futures very differently, not to mention offer quite divergent odds that can be reflected at the pay window. allows you to see a whole host of odds available, helping make you a more informed bettor. Some online books offer futures just for majors, others for all tournaments, and exceptions can vary — in betting the Ryder Cup, for example, make sure to find out how the wager is affected in the event of a tie. The little details matter, and comparing golf future odds allows wagerers to find the most value. The robots can’t do that, either—at least, not yet.