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Last Updated: Feb 24th, 2020
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Daily fantasy sports are one of the most popular ways to bet on sports in the US due to being one of the few things that’s widely legal across the country. The unique setup of daily fantasy sports means that it’s not subject to the same sports gambling bans that stretch across the rest of the country.

Daily fantasy sports manage to skirt the usual rules of sports betting by being a game involving fantasy line-ups instead of simply picking the winner of a game. Because there is a certain amount of skill involved in picking the right lineup with a limited budget, many states consider it to be legal on the basis of being a game of skill.

There are two major players in daily fantasy sports for players to choose from: FanDuel and DraftKings. Both offer subtly different ways to play, as well as slightly different offers for first time players.

How to bet on Daily Fantasy

So how does one play daily fantasy sports? Well, it does revolve around a basic fantasy sports premise. Those wishing to enter chose the sport and league they wish to make their entry on. Players also then need to choose the contest they want to enter, which changes the winning stakes, the prizes, and how much it costs to enter.

Players are then given a roster to fill out and a salary cap to stay under. Athletes chosen will take up part of the salary cap. Superstar players will cost more to select, taking up to 20% of a salary cap in certain cases. The key then for players is to put together the highest scoring fantasy lineup of good matchup players while staying under the salary cap.

This general idea can be applied to almost all sports. While sports like tennis and golf don’t have actual teams (usually), it’s still possible to put together a 5-7 person lineup to win their specific matches (tennis) or have the lowest possible score (golf). Of course, the success of you lineup depends on how well all the players perform on the given game-day. Who wins what does depend on the contest, as some contests only pay out to the top few, while others pay out to the entire top half of a pool.

What is the Most Popular Daily Fantasy Sports Betting?

  • Football: Daily fantasy football is the most popular market. Daily fantasy football has been around the longest, and has been the most refined among sports fans. The number of players per position varies per site, but creating an entry isn’t too much different than creating a typical fantasy football lineup.
  • Basketball: Daily fantasy basketball has been picking up a lot of steam within the past few seasons. Because basketball is played almost every night of the week, it’s possible to play daily fantasy basketball every day during the season, lending to its popularity.
  • Hockey: Daily fantasy hockey is in a similar position to basketball of being on most nights of the week. The growing popularity of hockey also helps, as well as the fluidity of the offensive positions that means picking a lineup is much less complicated.
  • Soccer: Another sport growing in popularity in the US, soccer is becoming one of the true mainstream sports after years of lagging behind football, basketball, and baseball. In a similar vein to hockey, the general assignments of players between forward, midfielder, defender, and keeper means that picking a lineup doesn’t mean picking players of specific positions.

What Makes the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites?

In terms of daily fantasy sports sites, there’s a pretty solid oligarchy running daily fantasy sports in the US. There are more than just the big two, but there’s a reason that FanDuel and DraftKings have some of the best name brand recognition in the US when it comes to daily fantasy sports.

One of the biggest things that makes a daily fantasy site is the number of leagues offered and the number of contests offered for these leagues. While there might only be so many American leagues to offer, there’s plenty of soccer leagues for sites to offer contests for. You can find some interesting ways to draft when playing in an interleague soccer contest.

Another thing to keep in mind is if a site will allow players to set entries for an entire week of league play. Some sites will offer various combinations of days, as well as a full week/weekend’s worth of games. Being able to create entries on only certain days, or over a whole week, can provide advantages to players that really know a couple of teams playing on those specific days.

The ease of mobile use is also important to consider. While none of the mobile apps are particularly bad, personal preference might make one app preferable over another.

Daily Fantasy Games Tips

  • Matchups: The single biggest thing to consider when setting your daily fantasy lineup is the matchup a player will be facing. The top scoring players are likely not going perform as well against the top defenses, keep it in mind who they’re playing against.
  • Salary Cap Hit: It’ll be enticing to play some of the top scorers in the league, but sometimes your team can’t deal with how much they cost. Having a well balanced lineup with even salary cap hits will help more than one superstar and 3 duds.
  • Contest: Some contests are going to require more thought than others. Beginning players might want to stick with contests that pay out to the upper half of finishers while better players go for higher stakes.
  • Injuries: It may seem like a no-brainer, but making sure your lineup isn’t injured is still a thing in daily fantasy sports, especially if you set your lineup several days before the players actually get to the action.
  • Skill Level of Contest: The skill level of a contest is something to consider, if only because contests designed for less skilled players will be worth significantly lower stakes than those for more experienced players

How Do You Know Daily Fantasy Sports Sites are Licensed and Legal

If you see a review on, you can be sure that site is safe, legitimate, licensed, and legal. The team at is constantly vetting new gambling sites across all aspects of gambling to find only the safest and most trustworthy sites to recommend to our visitors.

If a site isn’t being offered at, be wary of it possibly being a scam. For your safety, you should only gamble with sites offered on